Top 5 Home Repairs Before Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you want to do home repairs before selling your home, you’ll need to choose which projects you need to do and which ones are most cost effective. This sounds easy enough right?  This is the biggest mistake most people make before taking their home to market.

Updates to areas of your home, such as bathrooms and kitchens, can give your house a huge boost in selling potential. But adding or renovating certain features may decrease your profits. For example, if you live in North Dakota and want to add an outdoor swimming pool to your property. North Dakota has long winters, and a buyer might not want to take on all the responsibilities that come with owning a pool for just a few summer months. These are extreme examples, but you understand the point we are trying to make.

To help you get on the right track, here’s below is an infographic explaining the top 5 home improvement projects to accomplish before selling and their average rate at resale. In other words, seeing which renovations will pay for themselves!

Top 5 home repairs before selling

Home Repairs Before Selling

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