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34545-182x200Express Homebuyers can be a Realtor’s best friend, and a valuable resource. We work with dozens of real estate companies throughout the region to help solve tough problems such as pending foreclosures, estate and probate issues, and homes that linger too long on the market without selling. We buy houses DC, Virginia and Baltimore real estate brokers have trouble selling any other way.

Here are some helpful articles on working with a home buying company like Express Homebuyers.

Working With a Homebuying Company When Your Client’s Home Won’t Sell

You want your client’s home to sell. In the current market, however, the home may not sell for many reasons that have more to do with the economy than the house itself or your sales efforts. It might be time to work with a homebuying company.

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Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents.

Real estate agents enjoy working with the public and have historically felt safe while performing their jobs, but the trend has shifted in recent years, with a number of agents raped, robbed and murdered while showing homes and other properties.

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Inflation Fears Drive Up Mortgage Rates.

Recent economic changes, including Wall Street’s instability have served to drive home mortgage rates up making obtaining a low-interest-rate mortgage more difficult than before.

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10 Reasons to Work with a Homebuying Company

There’s a long list of reasons why a home may be difficult to sell and a realtor should consider working with a company that buys houses. Companies that buy houses have the ability to purchase a home within a week’s time, eliminate advertising costs and time-consuming house showings, and still allow Realtors® to receive a commission on the sale. If any of the following reasons are an issue for you and your client, you should discuss the option of selling to a company that buys houses.

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How to Help Clients at Risk for Foreclosure

Turn to a homebuying company if your client is at risk for foreclosure. It will help you sell your house fast and create a happy client!

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Sell Your Client’s House This Week

Ready to help your client sell their house the fast, easy way? Call Express Homebuyers now toll-free at (877) 804-5252. Or fill out our easy on-line request form and we’ll get things started. We buy houses DC! We buy houses Baltimore! We buy houses Richmond VA! And, yes, we buy houses Virginia!

Real estate agents want you to fix up everything and they can take a long time. And I really wanted the process to be done quickly. I was fortunate Express Homebuyers bought my home “as is” and there was no stress on my end. I learned selling your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare.”

Hazel Middleton