If you’re selling your home in today’s real estate market, you probably know that curb appeal is your first chance to make an impression on a prospective buyer. In the first few seconds a potential buyer sees your home, they decide if they want to drive on by or come on in. You can’t change the basic structure of the house or change the location, but you can make your home worthy of a deeper look.

Maintaining curb appeal is a year round job, with different challenges each season. Curb appeal includes the appearance of both the exterior of your home and the yard. Your real estate agent may PhotoShop the lawn to make it greener or remove a trash can from the picture, but a buyer at your home will see the real deal.

Selling Your Home in Winter

A snowy yard may give your home that Christmas card quality, but an icy porch or sidewalk is dangerous and may focus the potential buyer on maintenance issues. Make sure the driveway is plowed and the walks are clean at all times. Remember, buyers sometimes drive the neighborhood before making an appointment to see the house. Between snowfalls, though your yard may have a dingy winter brown color to it, try to clean up any debris you see. Pansies can add a spot of color, cover unsightly areas, and can survive through even harsh winters.

Selling Your Home in Spring

Spring sunshine and early- blooming flowers will give your home a needed lift. If you’re selling your home, now is the time to clean up the twigs and branches, the remains of last year’s leaves, and get ready for the first grass cutting. You should prepare your flower beds for planting and spruce up the area around your shrubs with mulch. Pansies again make their presence in garden centers, as do colorful spring shrubs such as forsythia and lilac. Planting some color will brighten up the hard. Keep the lilacs in pots, and you can take them with you when you sell your home. You should also check your home for any exterior damage that may have occurred during the winter.

Selling Your Home in Summer

Summer is the time when your house looks the most inviting. With lush plants, beautiful colors, and healthy lawns, it’s a great time to sell your house. Though your mind may be on the future in your new home, make sure to keep your lawn cut, trimmed, and watered. If you have outdoor furniture on your porch or patio, make sure it is clean, neatly arranged, and inviting. Stay on top of any summer storm damage to both trees and your home.

Selling Your Home in Fall

Fall will show off the beautiful trees on your property, but you will need to keep up with falling leaves (and final grass cuttings) to maintain the neat appearance of your property. Wet fallen leaves are also a hazard to visiting prospective homebuyers. Selling your home in the fall means you will also have to spend time doing exterior touch up work.

The impression your home creates is the magnet that first attracts viewers and turns them into buyers. Maintaining curb appeal is a year-round job, but it’s a vital part of selling your home.

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