Express Homebuyers USA Files Suit over Use of the Phrase “We Buy Houses”

Express Homebuyers USA, LLC Files Suit over Use of the Phrase “We Buy Houses”

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 28, 2017—Express Homebuyers USA, a Virginia-based company that has purchased and rehabilitated over 2,100 homes, today filed suit against WBH Marketing, Inc. and its founder and CEO Jeremy Brandt.

The lawsuit seeks cancellation of WBH’s U.S. trademark registration for the widely-used phrase “We Buy Houses.”  Express Homebuyers contends that “We Buy Houses” is a common and generic phrase that has been used in the real estate industry for decades.  To see details of the actual filing please visit

Since 2003, Express Homebuyers has used the phrase “We Buy Houses” to describe its services—buying houses.  In 2001, WBH’s predecessor applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for exclusive rights to the phrase for printed real estate materials.  The application was approved with, what Express Homebuyers believes to have been false and misleading information submitted by WBH’s predecessor about the mark’s alleged distinctiveness and market usage.

Despite knowing the limits of its trademark and Express Homebuyers’ extensive prior use, WBH began a campaign in July 2016 against Express’ use of the phrase online.  WBH filed complaints with YouTube, alleging that approximately 91 of Express Homebuyers’ advertising videos violated WBH’s rights in its purported trademarks. YouTube removed all 91 videos based on these assertions.

Express Homebuyers is fighting back.  Even though it never legitimately possessed the rights to the phrase, WBH has “shaken down” dozens of real estate businesses across the country, says the complaint.  “We want to put a stop to it once and for all,” says Express Homebuyers CEO Brad Chandler.

Express Homebuyers strongly encourages any real estate investors to contact them immediately ( if they have been threatened by WBH for trademark infringement.  Any Real Estate Investors that wish to assist Express Homebuyers may  contribute to the GoFundMe campaign at:

Express Homebuyers is represented by Joseph J. Aronica, Ugo Colella, Nicole K. McLaughlin, and John J. Zefutie, Jr. of Duane Morris LLP.  Direct all inquiries about the trademark lawsuit to Ugo Colella at

About Express Homebuyers 

Founded by Brad Chandler and Jud Allen, Express Homebuyers has been a pioneer in hassle-free home buying since 2003. Express Homebuyers purchases homes in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland quickly, at a fair price and without expensive broker fees or closing costs. Using a simple three-step process, Express Homebuyers has helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes quickly.



7 thoughts on “Express Homebuyers USA Files Suit over Use of the Phrase “We Buy Houses”

  1. Unbelievable! I’ll gladly share and spread the word. These guys (WBH) want to make money because they know people in the industry use this phrase in their materials all the time. Every one of us can be next losing media accounts because of false claims like this… how much work went into production and promotion of those videos? 91….. I would be pretty upset!

  2. Thank you Brad & Express home Buyers for taking a stand against this attempt to monopolize our industry. The “we buy houses” phrase is common jargon for what we do and should never be controlled by one company to lord over every other investment group that buys houses. I believe you will be successful and we stand with you!

  3. Brad & Express Home Buyers,
    We as a Real Estate Community of Investors STAND UNITED & STRONG against any “Bully” who attempts to control 3 words of free speech!
    We Buy Houses is as common and general as “For Rent” or “For Sale” or “Sold”
    If the MD, DC & VA Investor Community needs to petition and/or appear in court WE ARE ALL BESIDE YOU all the way!!!
    Capital City REIA

  4. WOW! This is crazy! How skeezy of WBH – this is obviously a term WIDELY used in the real estate industry and by this point, no one really has a claim on it – WBH least of all! If there is ever a petition created to help you guys out, please let me know. I would gladly sign!

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