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Millionaire Real Estate Agent Video 3

Want to be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent?

If you’re like most agents, you’re probably making at least ONE – if not several – of 10 common mistakes. These missteps are keeping you from earning the $1,000,000 per year that is completely and easily within your reach!

Watch this short video and find out how to correct the THIRD mistake. Implement the recommendations and you’ll be well on your way to financial security/stability/top agent status.

Hi there. I’m Brad Chandler, a licensed Realtor® and property investor. Since 2003, I’ve bought and sold [homes_purchased] houses. In 2008, I made it my goal to start and build team that would be the first team to ever sell a billion dollars worth of real estate in one year. Within two years, we were the #1 Keller Williams Team in all of North America.

Today, as CEO of Express Homebuyers, I’m more focused on partnering with other real estate agents to help them build their businesses and increase their incomes. That’s why I’m sharing this video with you.

In February, I went to the Keller Williams Family Reunion in New Orleans and heard Gary Keller talking about his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.” It was originally published in 2003 and was a phenomenal resource for anyone in real estate who wanted to build a million dollar business. Gary recently updated the information and I got to hear first-hand what he added to his step-by-step handbook to make it more relevant to the way we do business in 2016. I’m sharing my summary of that insight in this video series.

He is planning on releasing a new edition of the book, but not until the end of the year! Do you want to wait that long? Or would you rather get the direct scoop now?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Keller Williams agent or if you’re affiliated with any other real estate company.

Watch this video and take away valuable tips. Put them to use RIGHT AWAY and watch your business grow! By the time the new version of the book comes out in December, you’ll have already implemented the ideas and have an increased bank account to show for it.

Did you miss the FIRST video in this series? You can find it HERE.

You already know that as investors, Express Homebuyers doesn’t purchase full market value homes. We create value by purchasing below actual market value and then renovating the home. If you have a client facing a pending foreclosure, dealing with estate and probate issues, or with a house that just doesn’t show well – access the Repair Estimate Template (this spreadsheet will automatically download to your computer when you click on the link) AND then fill out the form below. Let’s start talking about how we can help you sell your client’s house and receive your commission, possibly in the next 7 days!

Skip putting your house on the market.

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