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The stakes are high when you need to sell your house fast. There’s plenty of realtors and house buying companies that try to assure sellers they can be trusted. But they don’t back it up with any evidence. You can trust Express Homebuyers because we’ve been buying homes since 2003. We’ve purchased over 5,000 homes and have an A+ rating with the BBB. You should only be considering companies that can show you a clean track record. Whether you live in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, or Florida, we buy houses fast.

How Do You Know if Express Homebuyers is for You?

It’s not easy determining what the best route to go is when you need to sell your home. Should you choose a realtor, FSBO, or home buying company? The short answer is, it depends. We’re not for everyone, and we’re not afraid to say it. However, we are the perfect solution for thousands of home sellers nationwide when selling their home through a realtor simply isn’t an option.

Express Homebuyers is the BEST choice if you need to:


Avoid costly real estate broker fees and bank closing costs

Avoid costly repairs before you sell
Avoid costly repairs before you sell

A Home Selling Process that Works

Our simple 3-step process makes selling your home easy to do through Express Homebuyers. Since we’ve purchased over 4000 homes in the past 15 years, our process is tailored to your situation Through years of experience, we’ve developed the process to make it fast and easy to move on with your life. We’ve earned our reputation on providing a stress-free solution to our clients. It’s why we’ve earned an A+ rating with the BBB.

We Understand It’s Not Easy Selling Your House

Selling a home can be terrifying. Express Homebuyers makes it our number one priority to reduce and eliminate that stress. We make every step of the way easy to understand and don’t move forward until we’re confident that you’re confident.

It’s Easy to Work with Express Homebuyers

Start Living the Life You Deserve in Just Days

Too many people end up carrying the burden of a house they need to sell fast. Don’t let this happen to you! There’s a better, easier, faster way. When you choose to work with us you choose to live the life thousands of our clients are now enjoying. The freedom that results from a hassle-free house sell is a fresh start and opportunity to live life on your own terms.

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