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Among the many cities and communities where we buy houses for cash near Washington, DC are Columbia Heights, Alexandria, Clinton, North Bethesda, Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Petworth, U Street Corridor, Georgetown, Deanwood, Shaw, Adams Morgan, and Brookland.

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Sell Your House for
Cash in DC

Homeowners in Washington, D.C. just like you are facing foreclosure for various reasons, and it isn’t your fault. Bills pile up and your mortgage doesn’t care if you lost your job. If you need an out, and want a fresh start, sell your house in Washington to us for cash.

You won’t have to pay a dime in commission fee, and your home won’t spend any time sitting on the open market. To get your offer, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page or call us at 877-804-5252 and we’ll give you a quote today!

The Hassle-Free way to sell a house in DC

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market location

Columbia Heights, D.C.

Columbia Heights is a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Arlington, VA

Arlington is a waning buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market somewhat longer and selling for less.
market location

Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is a waning seller’s market, edging toward a neutral market, with properties briefly sitting on the market and selling for more.

market location

Clinton, MD

Clinton is a decent buyer’s market, edging toward a neutral market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

North Bethesda, D.C.

North Bethesda, D.C. is a weak seller’s market, edging toward a neutral market, with properties briefly sitting on the market and selling for more.
market location

Logan Circle, D.C.

Logan Circle is considered a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Dupont Circle, D.C.

Dupont Circle is a solid buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Foggy Bottom, D.C.

Foggy Bottom is considered a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Petworth, D.C.

Petworth is considered a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

U Street Corridor, D.C.

U Street Corridor is considered a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.
market location

Georgetown, DE

Georgetown is a waning buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market somewhat longer and selling for less.

market location

Deanwood, D.C.

Deanwood is a waning buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market somewhat longer and selling for less.

market location

Shaw, D.C.

Shaw is considered a strong buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Adams Morgan, D.C.

Adams Morgan is a solid buyer’s market, with properties sitting on the market longer and selling for less.

market location

Brookland, D.C.

Brookland is a solid seller’s market, with properties briefly sitting on the market and selling for more.

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What makes selling to us different from
traditional home sales?

  • No lengthy bank approvals
  • No appraisals
  • No home repairs

Traditional Home Sales


Average Commission Fee

An average of 43 days spent
to complete a mortgage loan transaction

home showings

You'll host anywhere from 2 to 35 home showings before you find a buyer.
That means baking a lot of
"open-house" cookies.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Sellers spend between $5,400 and $50,000 on average to prepare their home for listing.

Express Homebuyers


Average Commission Fee

With us on your team, you'll close on your property on your timeline - typically days, not months.

home inspection

The Express Homebuyers team will carry out a single soft inspection of your home as is. Baking cookies for an open house won't be needed — but we wouldn't say no if offered.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Spend $0 on renovating or refreshing your home. We buy as is.

We Buy Houses Washington, D.C. in All Situations

There are many reasons to sell your house for cash in Washington, D.C., ranging from convenience to a fast closing. Whatever your situation, we’re here to help. Our team is comfortable working with sellers in a variety of circumstances and can provide solutions for the following issues.

we buy houses in columbia heights dc
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: If you’re behind on your bills, a fast sale gives you the funds you need to pay off your debts.

  • Needs Repairs: Cash offers let you sell your home without having to complete any pricey or time-consuming repairs.

  • Inherited a House: If you’ve inherited a property you can’t use, we help you turn your inheritance into cash without having to go through probate.

  • Divorce: Skip arguing with your ex and use our service to quickly sell the house and split the profits fairly.

  • Relocating: When you need to move quickly, we give you the funds you need for your new life.

  • Tired of Being a Landlord: If you’re no longer in the mood to chase down tenants for rent, we provide a solid return for your rental investment property.

Call us at 877-804-5252 to get your free offer today!

We Buy Houses For Cash in Washington, D.C.

What makes our process better than the traditional way of selling a house? Getting us to buy your house comes with several major advantages.

No Repairs

If the person who wants to buy your house needs a mortgage, the bank will only approve the loan if your house is in good repair. We offer cash deals, so you can skip all the inconveniences of getting approved for financing. Even major problems like a leaky roof or foundational issue don’t need to be repaired before you sell.

No Agents

Traditional sales require you to work with agents who charge you money and often make the process more complex. We buy homes without agents, so you get to deal directly with your buyer. This saves you money and reduces hassle.

No Fees

Traditional real estate transactions involve several middlemen and unnecessary fees. Often, you have to pay for everything from taking photos for a real estate listing to getting the house appraised. We cut all of these fees out. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in agent commission fees. Reducing these expenses means a bigger profit for you.

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Call us at 877-804-5252 to get your free offer today!

How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash in Washington, D.C.

The details for selling a home for cash are surprisingly simple. Since you aren’t dealing with things like loans or payment assistance, it’s very straightforward. Our house-buying process follows these three fast steps.

Step 1 Get in Touch

Talk to Our Team

Reach out to our team and let us know you want to get the process started. We’ll handle appraisals and other details, so you just need to provide us with basic information like your name and where the property is located. You’re under no obligation, and we’re happy to answer all your questions.

Step 2 Schedulle a Visit

Get Your Cash Offer

We examine your property and determine the value of your house. You’ll get an offer that provides a fair market value for your house. Our sales team will discuss your options and explain the details and terms of your contract. You can pick the date of your closing, so we can take possession as fast or as slow as you need us to.

Step 3 Accept Your Offer

Sell Your House

We handle potential problems like cleaning the house, so all you have to do is sign the documents to transfer ownership. We send the funds to your account and finalize the deal as fast as possible.

Have a single-family home with a cracked chimney, broken foundation or infestation? We want to buy your house and its problems. When its too expensive to repair, or you just need cash in your pocket, you can sell your house for cash in DC when you call us at 877-804-5252.

Is a Cash Home Buying Service Right for You?

Sometimes, selling a home the traditional way makes sense, but sometimes it really doesn’t. In our decades of experience, we’ve seen many people who needed to sell their homes quickly and were stuck and frustrated in the traditional pathway. We started Express Homebuyers to help those people and provide another option to the stressful and time-consuming process of selling a home the traditional way.

Buying houses in cash
Here are some reasons that you might want to reach out to our cash home buyers in Washington DC:

  • You need to avoid foreclosure
  • You are declaring bankruptcy
  • You have inherited a home, and you don’t want to keep it
  • You own a rental home that you don’t plan to keep any longer
  • You need to move quickly
  • Your home needs significant work, and you don’t want to worry about repairs
  • You are divorcing
  • Your spouse has passed away, and you want to downsize
  • You are out of work and need money to get through a tight financial time
  • You want to move without all the hassle and red tape of a traditional sale


Home Selling Hassles You Can Avoid When You Use a Cash Home Buying Service in Washington DC

If you have the time and cash to go the traditional route of listing your home with an agent, reviewing offers, making repairs, and closing–that’s great! We are not trying to dissuade you. But many people don’t know that they have other options. We want to make sure that you have the information to make the right decision for your circumstances.

Listing a home costs money and time. On average, the cost of selling a house is about 10% of the selling price. With the average Washington DC home costing $600,000, that’s a significant chunk of change. Some of that can’t be avoided–taxes and the cost of relocating somewhere else, for example. However, if you use our Washington DC cash home buying service, you can skip these stressful and costly aspects of selling a home:

Preparing Your Home for Listing

To get top dollar out of your home in a traditional sale, it needs to show well, and that means there are probably at least some minor repairs, if not major renovations to undertake. How do you know which repairs and upgrades will get you the most return on your investment?

Is it worth re-doing your 1990s bathroom? Does it make sense to repaint the bedrooms? Are those cracks in the driveway going to be a problem? Does the landscaping need work to improve your curb appeal? Do you have the skills and time to do the work yourself, or do you need to hire a professional? The costs and time can add up quickly.

Hiring a Realtor

To sell your home the traditional way, you’ll need to find a realtor. You want someone who is familiar with the area and the local real estate market but is not so busy and in demand that your home falls to the bottom of their priority list. It is a competitive market–will they be proactive and innovative in getting your home seen? Will they do a good job of negotiating on your behalf to get you the best deal? Don’t forget that you have to pay for their services. Real estate commissions are usually around 6% of the selling price.

Staging Your Home

You can’t change the size or location of your home, so the most significant thing you can do to help it sell is to make sure it’s making a good first impression. You are about to have people looking at pictures online, walking through your home, and judging it with a critical eye.

In today’s real estate market, many potential buyers will view your home virtually before seeing it in person. That means that having good photos (or even a virtual walk-through) can be the difference in making a sale. For this reason, many sellers will invest in professional photos and videos when they list their homes.

Upon arriving at your home, the first thing that potential buyers see is the outside. Your curb appeal needs to be on point. That means no broken shutters or overgrown lawns. Your landscaping needs to be updated and well-maintained.

As you move to the interior of your home, your realtor might suggest that you move out your personal furniture (especially if it is dated) so they can replace it with something more modern from their collection. You may need to rent a storage unit while you sell your home to keep your furniture and extra stuff out of the way. You’ll probably want to touch up or repaint some of your rooms so they look their best.

Now you’ve cleaned out your stuff and hauled much of it to the thrift store and storage unit. You’ve scrubbed your kitchen and bathrooms until they shine. You’ve mowed the lawns, trimmed the hedges, repainted rooms, dusted blinds, scrubbed baseboards, patched nail holes, and hidden all the evidence that you live in the house. All you have to do is keep it looking perfect for three to four weeks so you are ready to host showings at a moment’s notice.

Waiting (and Waiting Some More)

Statistics in the Washington DC area show that homes take an average of 79 days to sell– that’s 44 days on the market, and the usual 35 days to close. So be prepared to wait for the right buyer to come along.


Once you get an offer (or multiple offers), there is still the stressful process of negotiating. You can choose to accept the first offer or make a counteroffer. This can go back and forth for a while, and sometimes a buyer can back out mid mid-negotiation. The negotiations are less straightforward than just a price. The selling price, repairs, closing costs, down payments, closing timeline, financing, and other contingencies (such as the sale being contingent on the buyers selling their own home) are all on the table. There are a lot of options to weigh and significant pressure to choose the right offer.

Having Your Home Inspected (and Addressing Issues)

Once you’ve accepted an offer, the buyer has the right to order a home inspection before closing the sale to ensure that there are no hidden issues in the home. Things an inspector is looking for include major and minor cracks, leaks, issues with the HVAC or plumbing, termite damage, wear to the roof, structural integrity, and electrical issues. If the inspector finds anything concerning, you will most likely be responsible for making repairs before the sale goes through.

Paying Closing Costs

At the end of a waiting period, it’s finally time to sign the closing papers (and pay the associated closing costs.) Sellers are usually responsible for a significant portion of the closing costs, including real estate agent commissions, transfer taxes, and recording fees.

When you come to the closing, you will want to make sure that you bring the following documents:

  • Original contract from when you bought the property
  • The home appraisal
  • A property survey
  • Your mortgage paperwork
  • Proof of homeowners insurance
  • Tax records
  • A certificate of occupancy
  • The home inspection report

Cleaning Out

Congratulations! You’ve finally done it and closed the sale! Unfortunately, your work isn’t quite done yet. You still have to move out of your old house and ensure it’s in tip-top shape for the new buyers.

After you’ve packed all your boxes and loaded the truck, you’ll need to go through your now-empty home to vacuum carpets, scrub bathrooms, clean appliances, and empty all the trash. It’s a daunting task before you can finally pull away.

Prepare your home for listing

A Better Way

If home renovations are your thing, and you love the challenge of negotiating a sale, then a traditional real estate sale might be the best route for you. But if that process seems like more time, money, and energy than you want to invest in, we can offer another way.

At Express Homebuyers, we are not a real estate agent who sells your house for you. Instead, we are a company that buys houses in Washington DC. We buy your house from you directly and pay you in cash. You can skip all the hassle of finding an agent, renovating, listing, and staging your house, negotiating prices, and paying closing costs. We buy your home as-is and usually within 7 days. Quick, easy, hassle-free.

Do you have repairs you never made? Trash you don’t want to haul away? Landscaping that needs work? Pet stains on your carpet? Don’t worry about it. You can walk away and let us handle it all.

We will do a brief “soft inspection” to identify any major issues with the house, such as a leaking roof or cracked foundation, and then get back to you with a cash offer. Getting an offer is absolutely free, and if you choose to accept, you can walk away, cash in hand. No endless showings, back-and-forth negotiations, DIY repairs, and days spent cleaning.

Will You Lose Money When You Sell with Express Homebuyers?

At first glance, your offer with Express Homebuyers might seem like less than you can get with a traditional sale. However, you need to take into account a host of costs you’re saving by selling your home right away for cash.

  • Realtor commission fees. You’ll likely pay 6% of the selling price in commission for the buyer and seller agents. On a $500,000 home, that’s $30,000.
  • Other closing costs. These can average up to 9%, or an additional $45,000 on that same $500,000 home.
  • Landscaping renovations. Buying plants, sprucing up the lawn, and trimming the trees can all cost money. If you want to sell your home quickly, you’ll need curb appeal, but curb appeal isn’t cheap.
  • Home repairs. Depending on your home and the amount of work that needs to be done, this cost can vary. But in general, home repairs can really add up, especially if your home needs significant renovations.
  • Professional photos. If you want to command top dollar, you will probably need to invest in professional quality photos to go on listing sites.
  • Furniture or decor for staging. Many sellers invest in some updated decor or furniture to help their home show better.
  • Cleaning costs. You can spend the time to clean your home prior to showing it and then prior to transferring it to the seller, or you can save time and effort and have it professionally cleaned.
  • Fixing issues found in the inspection. If your inspection reveals any issues in your home, you will either need to pay to get them fixed or reduce the selling price of your home to compensate for the problems.
  • Paying a mortgage while your home is on the market. If you are living in your home this might not be a problem, but if you are floating two mortgages, or trying to sell a rental, this might be significant.
Better way of selling
Aside from the financial considerations, your time is worth something, too. Selling a home the traditional way is stressful and incredibly time-consuming. If you consider the financial add-ons and the value of your time and sanity, you’ll find that an offer from Express Homebuyers is very competitive.

How Will Express Homebuyers Determine Your Cash Offer?

Our team of cash home buyers in Washington DC will make an offer on your home based on a few simple criteria:

Age and Condition of Your Home

Your cash offer will be decided after we determine how much it will cost to repair your home and prepare it for listing.

Size of Your Home

The size of your lot, the square footage of your home, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will all play into calculating your offer.

Location of Your Home

We will take into consideration your geographic location, as well as your proximity to parks, schools, transit options, freeways, and amenities.

Current Market Conditions

Your home will be compared with other homes selling in your area. We will consider national as well as local trends. Lucky for you, we are very familiar with the Washington DC housing market, allowing us to see the potential of your home and give you a quick offer that is an accurate representation of your home’s value.

Best Cash Home Buying Service in Washington DC
Here at Express Homebuyers, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, honesty, and transparency. Our offer will be given to you in a way that is easy to understand and clearly outlines the full breakdown as well as any fees. We will ensure there are no surprises.

As well as a full estimate of our offer, we will show you the net proceeds you will make selling your home so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you financially.

waiting for your house

Why Express Homebuyers is the Best Cash Home Buying Service in Washington DC

We have been buying houses in Washington DC for over a decade. We have appraised and bought thousands of homes, giving us the experience to not only give you a great offer but help you decide if selling your home for cash is the best option. We don’t buy every home–we want to make sure it is the best option for all parties involved.

Our founders, Brad and Jud, are family men with strong moral compasses. At Express Homebuyers, our priority is YOU, and you can be confident that we will honor our contracts and make the process as easy as possible. There is a reason we consistently receive top marks from the Better Business Review and positive reviews from our customers who value our integrity and compassion.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we can give you an offer within 24 hours with no strings attached. If you don’t like the offer, feel free to walk away.

While we are a nationwide firm, we are based in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, and we are proud to be serving our customers in Washington DC. If you think you might be ready to sell, or you are just curious to see what we can offer you, reach out to our cash homebuyers in Washington DC and see how easy selling your home can be.

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