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Are you a real estate wholesaler in the Washington DC or Baltimore metro market?

Do you ever ask yourself where can I find buyers for my wholesale deals? or how can I sell my wholesale properties faster? or where do I find rehabbers to sell my deals to? Well here is your answer. Please watch video below. If you have a property you’d like to wholesale to Express Homebuyers please click the button below to get started.

Express Homebuyers is interested in
buying your wholesale deals.

We buy and rehab 150 homes a year and want to increase that number to 300 a year! If you have deals and are having trouble finding buyers, give us a call at (877) 804-5252

We’ve been in business since 2003 and have bought more than 2,000 houses so you can rely on the fact that you’re working with experienced, reliable rehabbers who know what they’re doing. We have our own cash and can close within hours of title work being done.

Sell Wholesale Properties Faster
nBecause We Buy It All

You’ve probably heard from all the real estate experts how important it is to build your buyers list when wholesaling real estate properties. Of course it’s imperative to have cash buyers and cash investors for your wholesale properties. But it’s a lot of work to build a good list and it takes a long time to build and maintain it. When you work with Express Homebuyers however, your work is done.No need to send out your wholesale deals to tons of investors hoping that one will buy it and also hoping that no one will try to steal the deal from you. Express Homebuyers can be your only buyers list you will ever need. There’s no need to pull your hair out chasing down different wholesale buyers in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland or northern Virginia or Washington DC. We buy it all.

Ever tried to sell a wholesale real estate deal where a buyer backed out at the last second, leaving you and your seller in a terrible position? That will NEVER happen with Express Homebuyers. You can trust when we say we’re going to close, WE. WILL. CLOSE. Have a wholesale deal you need to sell today? If so, click the button below to get started.

Doesn’t matter what part of the Washington DC or Baltimore metro area your wholesale properties are in. We’re looking to partner with real estate wholesalers all over Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. So no matter if your wholesale deal is in

We’d like to talk with you.

Whether you have a

We buy wholesale properties
and will close quickly.

Call us at (877) 804-5252 with your deals OR if you have any questions. We are cash investors and can buy deal fast and hassle-free. We look forward to beginning a relationship and doing many, many deals with you over the coming years.

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Crucial Questions

Make sure you're dealing with a reputable company that keeps their word, so you don't end up in a lose-lose situation.

If somone cannot answer yes to all of these questions, how can you trust them to do what they say?

Work with Express Homebuyers and you'll have both Peace of Mind and Cash In Your Pockets.

  • Do they have proof of $$ in the bank that shows they are making an honest offer?
  • Do they have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have video testimonials from actual customers that they can show you?
  • Will they provide up to a $10,000 cash advance to help with expenses when moving?
  • Do they have a physical office and staff to help you through the entire process, or are they just working out of their car?

Over 4,000 homeowners have trusted US to buy their home.

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