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Elenor was looking to retire
and downsize…

“I’ve sold a property before and I recommend this to everybody…”

Eleanor was looking to sell her home after she retired. She knew her home would need upgrades to list on the traditional real estate market, but she didn’t want the expense of renovating her home to sell.

“I just didn’t want to go through all the hassle to upgrade my home.
This was the way to go because I didn’t have to sink more money into my home.

Selling to Express Homebuyers was no hassle…it was a great way to sell a home.”

Elenor Video Testimonial
Bill Video Testimonial

Bill needed to sell his parent’s home after they passed…

“Express Homebuyers is a game changer. The one thing I should have done differently…I should have called Express sooner…”

Bill needed to sell a home he had inherited when his parents passed. He started working with another cash buyer first and hit a load of roadblocks. When he finally called Express, he was in a bind.

“My situation wasn’t perfect, but they helped me expedite the process and supported me along the way. They made it comfortable for me and were compassionate about my situation. I haven’t experienced this kind of customer service in a long while…maybe ever.”

Hazel needed to sell her home quickly after her divorce

“I thought Express Homebuyers was too good to be true…but it is true.”

“Real estate agents want you to fix your house up, and I wanted to just be done.”

Hazel needed a quick way to downsize and dissolve her property after her divorce and wanted a process that was simple, fast, and with limited headaches. Express’ seamless process got her a cash settlement in hours and a closing in days.

“Express Homebuyers made me realize that selling a home is not really a nightmare…it doesn’t have to be.”

Hazel Video Testimonial

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