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Los Angeles

A booming entertainment industry, tons of tourism and the ability to “strike it rich” make living the dream in LaLa Land appealing. And that is one of the primary reasons the cost of living is always on the rise. If you’re tired of the hustle-and-bustle, or simply need a break, we buy houses in Los Angeles so people like you can get a fresh start and move on with their lives.

Whether you’re facing foreclosure, going through a divorce, or your home is too expensive to repair, you can sell your house to us for cash quickly and easily. Most homeowners that contact us get an offer within the week and if you accept, closing can be done in as little as 48 hours.

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Sell Your House for
Cash in Los Angeles

The process to sell your house in Los Angeles for cash is simple:

  1. Fill out the form below or call us at (877) 804-5252.
  2. One of our home buyers will ask a few questions.
  3. A staff member will come take some photos of your property, or guide you how to take them.
  4. We review the details and if there is a match, make a hassle-free offer.

You do not have to accept the offer and we will never pressure you. That is how we’ve achieved and maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. We buy houses in California including all LA neighborhoods and suburbs and if you need to sell, we’re ready to buy. Contact us today and find out how much your LA home is worth.

The Hassle-Free way to sell a house in Los Angeles

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Get in Touch

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We’ll do an onsite home inspection, take photos, and review the paperwork.

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Choose your closing date and get paid on your timeline!

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Beverly Hills & Bel Air

Facing a divorce? Bills piling up? There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We buy houses in Los Angeles including condos, single family homes, and luxury estates across Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

When you sell your house in Los Angeles to us, you’ll get a fair cash offer. And you can use the money to rent a new place to live in the same area, for a down payment on a new home, or simply start over somewhere else. The money is yours to do what you want. Call us at (877) 804-5252 and put your past behind you.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown living is an amazing lifestyle. But issues from infestations and noisy neighbors, to unforgiving HOAs happen. If you’re ready to move on from downtown living and try a suburb or new neighborhood, fill out the form below.

We buy houses in Los Angeles including condos, run down stand alone structures, and townhomes no matter what condition they’re in or who the neighbors are.

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buying encino california houses


Upscale living has its perks. And Encino is not short of them. But a high-end lifestyle comes at a cost.

Whether you’re facing a foreclosure from medical bills, credit card debts, job loss or other reasons, or you’re going through a divorce, we want to help you.

Sell your house in Los Angeles to us for cash so you can pay down your debts or finish parting ways with your ex. It’s time to put your past behind you and have a fresh start. Selling your house in Encino is fast and easy when you sell to us. Call us today at (877) 804-5252 for your hassle-free offer.


There’s nothing like living on the shore to re-invigorate your soul. And if you’re struggling to make ends meet because of “beach home” problems like salt air damaging the frame or the house being old, we can help.

We buy houses in Los Angeles including rental properties, vacation homes and primary residences across Venice Beach. The only thing you have to lose by calling us for a free cash offer is the headaches that come with homeownership. Find out how much your Venice Beach home is worth by filling out the form below.s Venice Beach.

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West Hollywood

WeHo, known for a bustling community as extravagant and fabulous as a real life motion picture is a “dream come true”. But sometimes we’re ready to move on from the urban lifestyle and try something quieter.

If your home has damage, needs expensive repairs or suffers from infestations, you can still get a good cash offer on your house. We buy houses in Los Angeles including condos and single family homes in WeHo. Call us at (877) 804-5252 and discover how much your West Hollywood home is worth.

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What makes selling to us different from
traditional home sales?

  • No lengthy bank approvals
  • No appraisals
  • No home repairs

Traditional Home Sales


Average Commission Fee

An average of 43 days spent
to complete a mortgage loan transaction

home showings

You'll host anywhere from 2 to 35 home showings before you find a buyer.
That means baking a lot of
"open-house" cookies.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Sellers spend between $5,400 and $50,000 on average to prepare their home for listing.

Express Homebuyers


Average Commission Fee

With us on your team, you'll close on your property on your timeline - typically days, not months.

home inspection

The Express Homebuyers team will carry out a single soft inspection of your home as is. Baking cookies for an open house won't be needed — but we wouldn't say no if offered.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Spend $0 on renovating or refreshing your home. We buy as is.

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Los Angeles

Are you a resident of the greater Los Angeles area looking to sell your home? You’ve probably considered the traditional path of enlisting a real estate agent and putting your home on the market. This is one option, and many people think of it as the only option. But it may not be the best option for you.

Express Homebuyers offers a different way to sell your home, one that’s faster and hassle-free. You don’t have to fix up your home and try to attract a seller. Instead, you sell your home as-is to us—for cash.

Who We Are?

You’ve probably heard about some shady actors in the homes-for-cash market, but we’re not one of them. We have a trove of 5-star reviews affirming that we act with integrity and professionalism. We’re proactive, responsive, and customer-focused.

We’re not a new company. We’ve been buying homes for cash since 2003. Our founders, Brad Chandler and Jud Allen, are family men who are well acquainted with the hassles and headaches of trying to sell a home while balancing family life, work, etc. They both had an early interest in real estate and knew there had to be a better way to sell a home. They started Express Homebuyers to create that “better way.”

Our company started in the greater Washington, D.C. area, so we are no strangers to big city markets. We have deep roots in the Los Angeles area. We know the L.A. real estate market backward and forward and can give you a competitive cash rate for your Los Angeles home. We’ve helped residents from all across Los Angeles sell their single family homes, condos, townhomes, luxury estates, vacation homes, and more. Our Los Angeles clients have walked away with cash in hand, headache-free.

Whether you’re looking to divest yourself of an inherited home or a home you no longer want or need, you’ve hit financial troubles, or you are just ready to make a move to a new area, in or out of state, we take the pain out of the home selling process.

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Won’t I Lose A Lot of Money if I Sell My Home for Fast Cash in Los Angeles?

Is the convenience of a quick cash home sale sounding tempting to you? Imagine walking away from your property with cash and zero responsibility? There has to be a downside, right?

The obvious downside is that you won’t make the same amount as you would if you went through the traditional sales process, but you will probably do better than you think. That’s because selling a home the traditional way is not cheap. Many people are surprised to learn that by the time they deduct all of the costs of a traditional sale, the Express Homebuyers offer actually measures up very well in the comparison.

Here’s what you WON’T pay when you sell with Express Homebuyers:

Closing Costs

A lot of these costs fall to the seller when you sell a home the traditional way. Were there any big issues that you needed to address after the home inspection? Those typically fall to the seller. Then there are the realtor costs. Currently, those sit at about 6% of the selling price. So if your home sells for $800,000, you’ll be shelling out $48,000.

Other costs include:

  • Title insurance
  • Escrow fees
  • Transfer Taxes

These costs can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars above and beyond the realtor commissions. In fact, on an $800,000 home, it would not be unusual to spend more than $70,000 in closing costs.

Remodel Costs

If your home is in tip-top shape, you won’t have to worry about home improvement projects. But if it is run-down or dated, you may not be able to get a good sale price without investing money and elbow grease. Did your kitchen “peak” decades ago? Are your appliances less than top-tier? Cabinets scratched and dated? Are your bathrooms a little icky? Kitchen and bathroom revamps can draw buyers in, but they’ll cost you—especially in Los Angeles.

What about the exterior materials (like siding or stucco)? If the outside of your house doesn’t show well, buyers may not be interested in the inside. Bad windows and flooring can repel potential buyers, too, or at least keep them from making the offer you were hoping for.

Landscaping Costs

Curb appeal is of the utmost importance when you’re selling a home. It’s like that first impression on a first date. If you want to ace the curb appeal test, you’ll need A+ landscaping.

If you haven’t kept up with your yard, you’ll soon find you’re in deep. You may need to breathe life into your lawn, plant some flowers, trim the trees, and resuscitate your aging deck. Once again, Los Angeles prices could get you here, eating into your final sale price.

Cleaning Costs

Chances are, you’re not overflowing with free time, so you may need to bring in the pros to get your house sparkling clean. And unfortunately, homes don’t tend to stay clean. So if your home sits on the market for weeks or months, you’ll need to keep cleaning it yourself or pay your cleaning professional until you can get a buyer. Otherwise, it won’t show to its full potential.

Ongoing Mortgage Payments

Homes typically sit on the market for about a month or two in Los Angeles. If you’re in a financial crunch, or if you’re balancing two mortgages, you need to sell your Los Angeles house fast. This lag time may cause a financial strain that you don’t need.

The short answer is yes, you will lose some money when you sell your house through our cash homebuyers in Los Angeles. However, when you calculate all of the traditional sale costs that you won’t have to pay, the price differential shrinks. Pair that with simply being able to walk away from your home (no matter what state it is in) with cash in hand, and you’ll see why many Los Angeles homeowners are choosing to sell to Express Homebuyers.

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What Factors Determine My Total Cash Offer?

Our team will conduct a soft inspection of your home and determine a competitive cash offer. It will be based on several factors, to include:

The Condition of Your Home

Your home does not need to be sparkling clean or have updated features to fetch a good price from Express Homebuyers, but we do need to rule out major damages.

The Size and Layout of Your Home

We’ll assess the livable square footage and the floor plan.

The Market

Interest rates, along with different selling and buying trends in your area, can affect your cash offer.


Resale and rental rates in your area will also affect your offer. So will schools, proximity to freeways, access to public transportation, and nearby amenities.

The Convenience Factor of Express Homebuyers

Selling a home is about economics, but it’s also about quality of life. Selling a home can be a long, drawn-out, painful experience. It can throw your life into a frenzy and consume countless hours of time that you may not have.

Many of our clients are re-evaluating the traditional home selling process and determining that there’s a better way on the basis of convenience alone.

We’ve discussed what you won’t have to spend, but here’s a list of what you won’t have to do if you decide to use our cash homebuying service in Los Angeles.

No Realtor Needed

You do not need a realtor or any kind of middleman when you sell your home to Express Homebuyers.

No Upgrades

Skip the renovations, redecorating, and landscaping projects. Sell your home as-is.

No Staging for Photos and Showings

Forget the pressure to make your home look picture-perfect again and again.

No Waiting

Selling a home through a real estate agent is never a fast process. You’ll wait for your home to be listed, then wait for buyers to view your home. Then, you’ll wait for offers, loan approvals, the closing, and more. With Express Homebuyers, you can close the deal fast–usually in about a week.

No Negotiating

Once you get an offer, the waiting isn’t necessarily over. A buyer may want to purchase with contingencies. They may request a home inspection and require you to make improvements you weren’t planning on. You will have to decide whether to accept the offer on the buyer’s terms or counter-offer. Negotiations can be exhausting.

No Closing Procedures

This process usually involves the buyer, seller, real estate agent(s), title insurance company, escrow company, and lender meeting together to sign a mountain of paperwork. Come prepared to review and sign a number of documents, including the deed, tax statements, affidavit of title, closing statement, closing disclosure, and bill of sale.

Given all of these steps, you can see why more people are choosing the convenience factor of our cash home buying services.

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How Do I Avoid a Scam when Selling My Home for Cash?

The scammers are out there, especially in Los Angeles where there’s a bustling real estate market. We’ve had many clients who have come to us after being burned by cash homebuying services.

The scammers may include a contract clause that allows them to wriggle out of the agreement and leave you in the lurch. In other cases, they could lure you in with a certain price, then slap on last minute repair charges and contingencies that eat into the original offer.

Watch for these warning signs to avoid homebuying scams in Los Angeles:

They Charge Fees

The big perk of selling your home for cash is that you don’t have to pay a realtor or other commissions. So why would you pay a cash homebuyer? And yet, many of these companies charge you for a home inspection, repairs, or various contingencies. Stay out of this complicated web by choosing a Los Angeles cash home buyer that doesn’t charge you fees.

They Don’t Have a Physical Office

A reputable company will have an office. Ask for an address to verify.

They Can’t or Won’t Provide References

Danger! If a company is refusing to share references, they probably have something to hide.

They Won’t View Your Property in Person

This is another big red flag. A company would be foolish to buy your home without laying eyes on it. They may be able to give you an initial estimate based on your description of the home, but if they intend to give you a formal offer, they will need to see your home.

You Can’t Find Reviews on the Internet

If no one else has used this company, you shouldn’t either. Be wary of a homebuying company without a legitimate internet presence and online reviews.

An Offer Is Too Good to Be True

Expect your cash offer to be approximately 50-70% of the appraisal value. If it’s a lot higher than this, the buyer is likely over-promising, and it will be a matter of time before “the catch” presents itself.

They’re High Pressure

Like a slimy used car salesman, a cash homebuyer may pour on the pressure to such an extent that you won’t be thinking straight. When it gets to this point, the scammer has won! If you’re being bombarded by calls, emails, and texts with guilt tactics or deadlines, step away.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Express Homebuyers?

We do not claim to be the right option for all home sellers. However, we are the perfect match for many Los Angeles residents looking to sell. You may be a candidate for our cash home buying services in Los Angeles if:

You Are Getting a Divorce

If your pooled financial resources are suddenly being split due to a divorce, you may both need to downsize. A divorce may also force a quick sale. Selling a home before a divorce is final can help you minimize capital gains tax. It can also allow the proceeds to be divided evenly as part of the divorce agreement.

Your Spouse Has Recently Died

In the wake of a death, you may need to break from the past and start fresh in a new location. You may choose to move closer to family for support. You may also need a more economical living arrangement as you move forward without the income your spouse provided. If you wait for longer than two years to sell, you will be subject to greater capital gains taxes, so there are advantages to selling your home fast.

You Have Inherited a Home that You Don’t Want to Keep

We have many clients who have inherited homes from parents or other relatives. Inherited homes can be a blessing to some but a burden to others. If you inherit a home in Los Angeles, you will face taxes and upkeep charges. If you don’t want to be saddled with these costs, you may wish to sell the home quickly for cash.

You Don’t Want to Deal with Renovations or Repairs

Homes age and require upkeep. HVAC systems die. Roofs are damaged by the elements. Pipes leak and/or get clogged. Septic tanks and hot water heaters fail. These repairs and renovations can strain your finances, and sometimes, it’s just not worth dealing with all of the upkeep.

If you don’t have the time, capital, or patience to deal with the growing demands of your home, consider selling your home for cash and moving into a newer, less demanding place.

Your Income Has Decreased

Perhaps you own a business that has hit some hard times. Or maybe you have lost a job or retired. If your income situation has changed, you may need to reduce your financial obligations quickly. We buy Los Angeles houses to help people in tight financial situations divest themselves of their mortgages quickly. That way, they can regroup and move toward greater financial solvency.

You Are on the Verge of Declaring Bankruptcy

Many people sell their home prior to declaring bankruptcy in order to cover necessary expenses. Depending on the type of bankruptcy, they may be able to get an exemption to protect the proceeds. This is often a better option than having the bank liquidate the property. You will want to talk to an attorney to make sure you act in accordance with California laws. If you do decide to sell, we will help you sell your Los Angeles home fast (usually within seven days).

You’re Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure can be death to your credit. If you’re on the doorstep of foreclosure, selling your home quickly through Express Homebuyers can allow you to keep your credit intact.

You’re Ready to Let Go of Your Rental Home

California is known for being an extremely tenant-friendly state. If you end up with a bad tenant, California’s Tenant Protection Act can make it almost impossible to evict them. This is great for tenants but can be disastrous for landlords. If you’re tired of the hassles of renting your home in California, Express Homebuyers allows you to get out from under your property quickly. If your last tenants thrashed the place, you may have a renovations list a mile long, but with Express Homebuyers, you can simply walk away, and we’ll deal with the mess.

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Why Should I Choose Express Homebuyers?

While we’re one of the leading companies buying houses for cash in Los Angeles, we recognize that we’re not the only company that wants your business. So why choose us?

Here are some of the factors that distinguish us from the competition.


We have been buying houses for cash since 2003. That amounts to thousands of appraisals and cash payouts. We have the process down to a science, and you will reap the benefits of our extensive experience when you get a fair offer, quick cash, and the luxury of walking away from your home—usually within a week of committing to use our services. Our experience leads to a simple, streamlined experience for you, free of the glitches that you might find with a novice cash-for-homes service.


We launched our company in the greater Washington, D.C. area and soon became known as the most trusted home buyer in the DMV (District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia) area. We have brought that same credibility to the Los Angeles area, where we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re proud of our Better Business Bureau accreditation and our many 5-star reviews that reflect our honesty.

Our founders, Brad Chandler and Jud Allen, are engaged members of their communities and family men. Their mantra is simple: treat your customers like you would your own family.

Moving is stressful. Moving in a distress situation is even more challenging. We have made it a point never to take advantage of a customer in distress. Our customers know they can count on a competitive offer for their property and a totally transparent, straightforward contract to seal the deal (no sketchy “fine print” clauses).

No Hidden Fees

Some cash homebuyers will offer a great deal, then tack on a litany of last-minute fees. With Express Homebuyers, what you see is what you get. We do not scam you with add-on charges. You will not pay fees or commissions.

No-Risk Offer

We realize that you may only be entertaining the idea of using cash home buyers in Los Angeles. We allow you to do your homework without locking you into any kind of a formal offer. Simply input your information here and get a cash offer estimate. Aren’t happy with it? No problem. Walk away with no strings attracted. If you are interested, you can set up a soft inspection and get a formal offer. This is a free service, and there’s still no obligation unless you decide to formally accept that offer by contract.

A Human Touch

We live and work with you. We are not some distant corporate entity. We bring a family feel to the home buying process. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We know your home isn’t perfect, and we come to you without expectations or judgment. We’re here to give you a fair deal and a no-hassle experience.


If you had the time and bandwidth to deal with home selling headaches, you would have sold the traditional way. Our job is to make selling your home as simple as possible. That’s why we give our clients the freedom to simply walk away from their home (no matter what condition it is in) and expect quick cash—usually within a week of accepting our offer.

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Proud to be Serving Los Angeles

We love living and working in Los Angeles. We love the practically perfect weather, the endless supply of culture and entertainment, the diversity, the bustling job market, and the proximity to beaches. We love supporting our neighbors’ real estate needs, whether they are looking to move to a different part of Los Angeles, leave the area entirely, or simply divest themselves of a second home in the area.

There is no easier way to sell a home, and many people find that it is more profitable than they expected. If you’re looking for trusted cash home buyers in Los Angeles, contact us today to get a no-risk offer.

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