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With emerald green waters and award winning beaches, the carefree and laid-back way of life makes Pensacola a dream come true. But every “fairytale” life has obstacles. You don’t have to let these roadblocks prevent you from finding your “happy ending.”

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Sell Your House for
Cash in Pensacola

Bills pile up whether they’re credit card debt or medical, and people lose their jobs. Not to mention the storms which damage homes when you live in coastal towns. You don’t have to go into foreclosure or lose everything because of financial trouble. We buy houses in Florida including all Pensacola neighborhoods so people just like you can have cash-in-hand to pay down debts and get a fresh start. The condition of your home doesn’t matter either.

If you have storm or flooding damage, mold or infestations, you can sell your house fast to us and still get a fair cash offer. And you don’t have to move right away, we’re not that type of company. If you need a month to get your affairs in order, we’ll give it to you. You can even get a cash advance once we have a deal made. And there is no risk or obligation in getting a quote on your home. Call us at (877) 804-5252 or fill out the form below. We buy houses in Pensacola so people just like you can continue living life worry free.

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What makes selling to us different from
traditional home sales?

  • No lengthy bank approvals
  • No appraisals
  • No home repairs

Traditional Home Sales


Average Commission Fee

An average of 43 days spent
to complete a mortgage loan transaction

home showings

You'll host anywhere from 2 to 35 home showings before you find a buyer.
That means baking a lot of
"open-house" cookies.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Sellers spend between $5,400 and $50,000 on average to prepare their home for listing.

Express Homebuyers


Average Commission Fee

With us on your team, you'll close on your property on your timeline - typically days, not months.

home inspection

The Express Homebuyers team will carry out a single soft inspection of your home as is. Baking cookies for an open house won't be needed — but we wouldn't say no if offered.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Spend $0 on renovating or refreshing your home. We buy as is.

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