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Some Foreclosures Suspended for the Holidays – Express Homebuyers

If you are at risk of foreclosure, that tap you hear on your door between December 19 and January 3 could be Santa or holiday guests, but it won’t be Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac personnel.  Both agencies are halting foreclosures until the New Year.  The two week break will allow families to celebrate the holidays without fear of eviction.  New York-based Citigroup is even more generous and will halt all foreclosures and evictions for 30 days until mid-January – a gift to over 5,000 borrowers.

If you could get that knock on the door soon, Express Homebuyers offers an alternative.  We will buy your home and guarantee completion of the process within a couple weeks.  We tell you up front what we will pay; if you agree, you are on the way to a quick resolution.  We even offer you a $2,500 upfront advance you can use to begin your fresh start.  Call us at   (877) 804-5252 or check out our Express Homebuyers website for more details.

About Brad Chandler

About Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler has played a pivotal role at Express Homebuyers since co-founding the company in 2003, transforming it into a customer-focused real estate firm. With a passion for real estate sparked in the 9th grade, Brad, as CEO, steers the company with strong ethical principles and takes pride in cultivating a dedicated team of professional homebuyers.

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