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Finding a real estate agent is the first step you need to take in order to sell your home. Home sellers often choose a Realtor® based on referrals from friends and family members, or they use the same agent that helped them purchase the home.

You may not be able to get a good referral from someone you trust. You may be selling an inherited home outside your area. Or perhaps you were simply unhappy with your last Realtor®. It’s imperative to find a motivated Realtor® when you sell your home, since this person will be marketing your home for you. Here are a few tips for finding a good Realtor® when you sell your home.

  1. Find a Realtor® with a lot of experience. When you sell your home, you are the person responsible for paying the Realtor’s® fees, so you’ll want to hire a Realtor® who’s knowledgeable about the industry, the area you live in, and who understands the techniques of selling your home within a reasonable timeframe. Ask a potential Realtor® for statistics on their sales over the last few years
  2. Look for a Realtor® who’s a good salesperson. Again, your Realtor® is responsible for marketing and selling your home, including paying for ads, holding open houses, showing your home, and stressing its appeal to buyers. Your fee for these services is 6% of the sale price of your home, so your Realtor® should be as motivated as you are about the sale.
  3. Hire a Realtor® who both listens and explains well. You want to be able to communicate what’s important to you when you sell your home, including any special circumstances you’re under. You deserve to have your questions answered thoroughly and industry concepts explained clearly. Your potential buyers will both expect and appreciate the same courtesies. Interview these agents and select the one you like best.

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