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What Closing Time Frame Can Cash Home Buyers Realistically Expect?

When buying a home, people generally want the process to go as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the timeline for closing with a typical home loan can take several months. However, the process may be significantly faster if the homebuyer is fortunate enough to pay cash for a home. Keep reading to find out the realistic time frame a cash home buyer can expect in today’s market.
Rachel Mendoza

Rachel Mendoza

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Two To Three Weeks

On average, cash buyers can close within two to three weeks. At the end of the day, it depends on the title company and how quickly they [can] get the title back. If there are title issues, then closing would be extended.

Within 30 Days

With today’s cash home buyers, you can expect to close within 30 days on a home. Cash does not require any time frames for loan approval, etc. This means a closing can happen in as little as two weeks, depending on the time both parties are comfortable with.

With conventional loans, closings can take over 31 days due to the lenders needing proof from borrowers, appraisals, etc. Cash is much faster on the closing side.

Tim Connon

Tim Connon

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Pete Evering

Pete Evering

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Typically Two Weeks

Typically, closing a cash offer on a real estate transaction takes about two weeks. The process begins with the cash buyer making an offer. If the seller accepts it, the buyer’s funds will be verified within a day or two.

Securing title and escrow services takes an additional day while submitting earnest money requires at least a day for clearance. Title search requires three days and, in some cases, even up to a week. Inspections and appraisals are optional for cash buyers, but if you opt to have them, they can each take up to a week to schedule.

The final walkthrough takes an additional day while closing itself lasts only a few hours the next day. This two-week timeline assumes that there are no snags in the process. Delays may occur due to liens, bankruptcy, deceased individuals on the title, seller dishonesty, option periods, or low appraisals. Always prepare for the worst; by that, I would say three weeks to a month, tops.

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