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Real Estate Investor Training

Real Estate Investor Training and Coaching

Want a free 30-minute coaching session with Brad? Click here. The only strings attached is that it will be in the “hot seat” on my podcast. I will break down every conceivable obstacle, keeping you from reaching your goals.

Are you looking to learn how to wholesale or fix and flip real estate? Are you looking for the best way to learn real estate investing? Express Homebuyers has launch the industries best wholesaler coaching programs. We teach newbies how to get started and real estate investors buying 3-5 properties per month how to scale to 10-15 properties per month. The tactics we teach are the same ones we’ve used to build a $50M a year business from scratch. Brad Chandler, CEO and Cofounder of Express Homebuyers will be leading the coaching. Brad has bought over 2,300 homes since 2003 and has been involved in more than 5,000 real estate transactions. He currently spends almost $2M a year in marketing in just one market. If you are interested in hearing about the coaching programs, please visit

One of the ways to get started in real estate investing is to wholesale properties because it requires hardly any capital and is nearly risk free. When you wholesale properties you get a property under contract at a discount to the value and then you assign the contract to a rehabber and earn an assignment fee. This method of real estate investing can be highly profitable and is highly scalable.

Since 2003, we have spent over $15M in marketing to sellers in need of selling their home fast. These sellers are typically in a financial bind and their home has become a burden. As a wholesaler, you are often able to help them out of a bad situation, hopefully getting them much needed cash to start a new chapter in their lives.

Our powerful training will outline ways to find, evaluate and negotiate for wholesale properties anywhere in the world.

Want a free 30-minute coaching session with Brad? Click here. The only strings attached is that it will be in the “hot seat” on my podcast. I will break down every conceivable objection keeping you from reaching your goals.

Wholesale Buying Educational Topics

  • Identifying the three vital segments of wholesaling real estate
  • Understanding the benefits of using wholesaling as a way to invest in real estate
  • How to find cash buyers to purchase your wholesale deals
  • Building a continual stream of qualified buyers
  • How to market effectively for motivated sellers
  • How to analyze a potential deal and formulate a winning offer
  • How to properly write and structure a purchase contract
  • Providing lending sources to potential cash buyers
  • Qualifying & negotiating with potential cash buyers
  • How to double close the transaction, if needed
  • How to find and effectively work with hard money lenders
  • How to get referrals from past clients

These proven strategies and tools, along with access to our amazing instruction, provide an experience that is unmatched in the training industry. If being a real estate investor is your goal, Express Homebuyers Real Estate Investing Training is what you need.

Buy, Fix and Sell

Most properties you buy will need some remodeling to get the highest possible sales price. Express Homebuyers has renovated over 1,000 properties since 2003. We will go over in great detail how to avoid the costly mistakes we have made over the years. A common mistake among real estate investors is under estimating the cost of the renovations and over improving the property. Your renovation strategy depends largely on your exit strategy for the home. Are you going to wholesale it, renovate and sell, or hold as a long-term rental?

The training we provide will help you analyze the best strategy to maximize your profitability and risk. If your strategy is to buy, fix and sell, we will give you a system of how to find capital, execute the renovations and sell the property. Your job is to remain focused on profitability and building your business.

Buy, Fix and Sell Learning Objectives

  • Present and explain industry jargon so you quickly and easily understand terminology of real estate investing.
  • Present ways how you can make money in your market
  • Discover how to analyze the proper  exit strategy that is the most profitable for your market
  • Evaluate properties to determine scope of work for renovation
  • Discover how to estimate renovation costs to come up with offer price on property
  • Analyze different tactics to determine what exit strategy to use
  • Learn how to find capital to buy and renovate your project
  • How to use systems maximize cost and timing of renovations
  • How to build a team that will allow you to scale
  • How to leverage technology in all areas of your investment business.
  • How to identify and manage contractors to maximum profit
  • Learn how to market your renovated home for best return
  • Create your action plan to achieve your goals
  • Understand the pros and cons when renting your rehabbed property

Whether you’re a new investor or an experienced investor, our training will help take you to the next level. Let us help you realize your dreams of real estate investing.

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