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5 Essential Tips for Managing the Stress of Selling Your Home

Tips for Managing the Stress of Selling Your Home

Selling your home is stressful. Your home is your sanctuary. Your safe place. Any change to your environment comes with uncertainty. On top of that, you are navigating the sales process. On average, people own three homes in their lifetime. For most people, it’s hard to become familiar enough with selling a home that it becomes stress-free.

Selling your home is a major transaction that also feels very personal because your house is an extension of you. So, whether you are timing the sale around a pending move, preparing your beloved home to impress buyers, or anxiously awaiting an offer, the whole experience can be anxiety-inducing. While there are fast home buyers with cash for homes out there ready to make your home sale low-stress, increasing your odds of a seamless transaction is something you can control.

A huge part of the stress of selling your home comes from the unknown. By taking control of the experience, understanding the process, and implementing strategies to reduce stress, you can turn the experience of selling your home into a positive one. A new chapter awaits, and all that stands between you is completing the sale of your home. Here are five tips to make that easier:

1. Control What You Can

A key to managing stress is controlling what you can. So much about selling your home feels out of control. When will you get to move? How much money will you pocket? Will there be any unexpected expenses along the way? What happens if nobody makes an offer? The what-ifs will kill you, so focus on what you know will help.

Redirecting your nervous energy will help. Start by managing what you know will help, and you feel empowered. Tackle the deep clean and keep your home in tip-top shape. Start decluttering and purging in anticipation of your upcoming move. Set boundaries on what types of offers you will consider. Make changes you know will attract buyers or increase the value of your home. By turning your stress into productivity, you will sleep easier at night.

2. Work with a Great Realtor

If you really want to minimize the stress of a sale, hire someone you trust to represent you. An experienced realtor can make the overwhelming process of selling your home seem like a walk in the park. They can expertly guide you through preparations, schedule photos, plan open houses, and help you understand the process of negotiating offers.

3. Push for a Fast Sale

The more time you spend with your house on the market, the more stress you’ll accumulate. The best solution is to do what you can to push for a fast sale of your home. Generally, this starts with pricing it right and preparing to sell it fast. By investing the time upfront to tackle updates, improve curb appeal, and make it appealing to buyers, you can cut down the time it sits on the market.

4. Set Limits on Showings

Limiting showings might seem counterintuitive because you want as many people to see your home as possible. If you are selling a house you live in, you can go absolutely mad trying to keep it pristine. Feel empowered to set limits on when potential buyers can view your home. Prioritize your kid’s nap and sleep schedules. Don’t allow early morning or late-night showings. Encourage showings around times your house is already vacant, such as:

  • During the workday
  • While you are taking a weekend trip
  • While you have evening activities to attend

Setting boundaries on showings eliminates the stress of needing your house to be show-ready at the drop of a hat. You can anticipate times that people will view your home and make plans to have it ready.

5. Consider Selling to an Investor

If the stress of selling feels too much or preparing your house to sell seems impossible, you can always push the easy button. By selling to a real estate investor, you can eliminate almost all the stress of selling your home. They will come to your house and make you a below-market value offer, but in return, you get a quick and easy sale. No need to make repairs. No need to tackle yard work. No need to clean.

An investor can get you out of your house on your timeline by working with cash offers. Once they complete the deal, they will invest in all the work your home needs to prepare it to hit the market. They will do all the heavy lifting and find a buyer for your home long after you have moved on.

When selling your home, you are more in control than you realize. You are about to embark on a major life change, which can feel scary and overwhelming. But someone is out there right now dreaming about buying your home. By doing what you can to show off your home’s potential and partnering with qualified and experienced experts, you can be on your way to your next chapter before you know it.



Selling your home can be stressful due to the unknowns involved. However, by understanding the process and implementing strategies to reduce stress, you can turn the experience into a positive one. Here are five tips in this infographic to make the process easier.

5 Home Selling Tips Infographic

About Jud Allen

About Jud Allen

Jud Allen, co-founder and current President of Express Homebuyers, embarked on his real estate journey in 2002, fueled by a childhood dream of designing homes. A Washington and Lee University alumnus from Roanoke, Virginia, his early interest was sparked by a friend in the industry who became his mentor. Since co-founding EHB with Brad Chandler in 2003, Jud has been involved in over 2,500 real estate transactions and has evaluated more than 20,000 properties nationwide.

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