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How to Sell a Home with Spider Infestations

An old myth once stated, people are never more than three feet from a spider. However, on your next pest inspection, you may end up finding out that this is more of a reality than you had hoped. 

While most spiders are harmless, some common North American species, like the brown recluse and black widow, can be toxic. Although spiders generally feed on other pests, a spider infestation could be dangerous for tenants and deter buyers by the simple sight of these creepy creatures.  

As a seller, you may have multiple questions about selling a home with spider infestations. The following FAQs will help to clear up any confusion.  

Do I need to disclose an infestation? 

Sellers are required to disclose any spider infestations on the premises before completing the sale of the home. Failing to disclose an infestation that a seller was aware of could leave that seller liable to legal action.   

Are spider infestations a sign there is a different type of infestation? 

A clutter of spiders could be a sign that other insects have also infested the property. Spiders feed on other insects, such as woodlice, ants, and bugs. Possessing a large population of spiders means there is a large population of other pests as well. A spider infestation could soon turn into another pest infestation if not adequately controlled.  

Can they cause structural or foundation damage? 

Spiders will not cause structural of foundational damage to a home. They generally reside in remote areas of the house, such as under sinks, in basements, and in attics – areas that are typically void of much human contact. Spotting a spider outbreak usually involves physically seeing them or their eggs or webs around the property.  

What are some ways to get rid of the infestation? 

There are multiple ways to eradicate spiders, and the easiest route is by hiring an exterminator – although that arrives with some additional costs. 

To save money, sellers can also try some DIY methods, such as: 

  • Applying residual pesticides to cracks in the home and around shrubbery 
  • Using vinegar and peppermint oil to areas of the house where spiders reside 
  • Applying dichotomous earth to crevices in the home 

Fortunately, spider infestations are one of the easiest pest outbreaks to control and are generally the least harmful.  

Will a buyer buy my home and why? 

This is a case-by-case scenario. Buyers may or may not be interested in buying a home with a spider infestation. Some buyers will see this as a quick investment opportunity to flip the house, while others may leverage the outbreak to negotiate a lower rate for purchase.  

Sellers who can’t eliminate a spider infestation should be prepared to sell their home at a lower rate than other comparable properties in the area because the house will need to be treated before they move in.  

If you’re looking to sell your house with creepy crawlers fast, we’re ready to help. Call us today and finally get rid of your spider problem once and for all. 

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