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Selling a Rental Property after the Tenants Vacate

Selling a Rental After Tenants Vacate

Selling a Rental After Tenants Vacate

We received a call in August about a rental property that the caller’s mother wanted to sell. Roberta owned a house in the Chateauneuf area of Alexandria, VA, and the tenants had recently moved out. After debating on whether to keep the home, Roberta decided it wasn’t worth the headache anymore and wanted to sell it. Tenants often damage the property and leave the owner to deal with the hassles of fixing the mess. The owner didn’t want to go through the hassle. Roberta’s daughter Anne had seen one of our TV ads.

Anne knew that her mother wanted to sell the property, and so decided to look up our site and get a bit more information. After reading, she thought that we were trustworthy and gave us a call, explaining the situation. We asked her about the condition of the house, and she told us that the house was in good condition, with very few repairs needing to be made.

Selling a Rental Property after the Tenants Vacate

After hearing about the home and the condition, we gave her our initial offer over the phone. She said that her mother was hoping for a bit more, and we told her that this was just the initial offer. We still needed to do our inspection, and that often we find the property to be worth a bit more than we thought at first. This soothed her mind, and she wanted to move forward with the process.

We set the walkthrough date for little over a week later.

Everything looked as expected, so we told her that our initial offer still stood should they choose to accept it. Anne said she wanted a bit of time to confer with her mother and that she would call us back. She ended up calling back the following day, saying that Roberta was willing to accept less than what she was initially asking for, but slightly more than our current offer. We negotiated for a bit, and were eventually able to settle on a price that worked for everyone. We all met at Arlington Library to sign the contract and finish up all of the necessary paperwork. We finalized the purchase shortly after.

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