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Express Homebuyers Reviews
H. Middleton, Past Client

At Express Homebuyers we think we do a very good job for our clients. When we buy houses in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC, we are fast, efficient, courteous and always offer a fair price. But you don’t have to take our word for it!

Here are three ways you can see Express Homebuyers Reviews:  1) View our video interviews with happy customers below.  2) Read what your neighbors, who have worked with us, have to say about their experience with Express Homebuyers below the video interviews.  3) See more reviews posted on Google.

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“There’s one thing that I would do differently…,” says Bill Robinson.

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Too Good To Be True?  That’s What Hazel Thought…

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Comments from Satisfied Clients

Express Homebuyers Gave Our Family a Fresh Start on Life

“Thank you for all your hard work and honesty. I thought all hope was gone and you came along and helped us out of a bad situation. My family and I are in a nice house and are looking forward to getting a new start on our life. Thanks to you in helping make it happen.”

Kristi M. & Family, Manassas, Virginia

I Refer Friends to Express Homebuyers

“I had a friend that was having some financial problems and needed to sell her house. In an effort to help I posted a message on one of the local real estate list serves. Brad Chandler from Express Homebuyers saw the e-mail and met with my friend who needed to sell her house. A few days after Express Homebuyers purchased the home I received a call from Brad asking for my mailing address. He stated that he wanted to pay me a referral fee. I told him I was not expecting to get paid and that I was just doing a favor for a friend. Needless to say, I received the check a few days later in the mail. It was a great way to start saving for my son’s college education. I continue to look for more properties to refer to Express Homebuyers.”

Cindy B., Fairfax, VA

I wanted to Sell My House as Fast as Possible

“I didn’t want the property just sitting for months waiting for the right buyer to come along. I wanted to sell as quick as possible. Express Homebuyers were the people that I called. It was through a billboard advertisement. I must say it was quick and easy. They worked expeditiously to get me to settlement, and that’s what I wanted. I can’t say enough about the customer service, purely professional, courteous and nice. A special thanks to Justin Lee and My Corpuz. Everyone I dealt with had a great attitude. Thanks Express Homebuyers. Job well done.”

James Tates, Arlington, VA

We Needed to Sell A House Fast

“We were very desperate to sell our house fast. Everyone we dealt with at Express Homebuyers was very knowledgable and friendly. They made the whole process extremely easy for us and the turn around time on the sale of our house was quicker than we could have imagined! We had to do nothing but sign a few papers! Thank you all so much!”

Tony and Val Grey, VA

Express Homebuyers Kept Their Promise to Buy My Home in Seven Days

“I would just like to thank Express Homebuyer for keeping their promise of buying my home in seven days. The settlement process was quick and not paying real estate fees/commission is a plus. The staff was very helpful to me and answered all my questions from the beginning to the end of the process. I would recommend this company to anyone who would like to sell their home quick and stress free.”

T.B., Silver Spring, MD

We Needed To Sell a House and Other Realtors Were No Help

“Before going with Express Homebuyers we were meeting with a realtor and found it was going to be difficult to show our home with the animals we had. Express Homebuyers made it simple from the beginning. A few simple meetings and we were able to sell our house to their friendly staff with no problems. We didn’t have to worry about making costly repairs or anything! In the end we were able to get money for the house we really wanted.”

Rachel Barnes, Washington DC

Gracious Help Selling My Inherited House

“It was a short but sweet letter that I received from Justin Lee at Express Homebuyers expressing condolences over the loss of my father. My father passed very suddenly and I didn’t know what to do with the house he had lived in. It needed a lot of work and I couldn’t afford to make the repairs that were needed. I called and spoke with Justin, he stepped right in and helped me every step of the way. The process was very simple and FAST! From beginning to end it took about 30 days!! He was so kind and helpful I hope to send more business his way! Thanks Express Homebuyers, special thanks to Justin Lee for being so gracious and making the process simple and FAST!”

K. Dorsey, Upper Marlboro, MD

Four Days From Start to Finish to Buy My House!

“Express Homebuyers did an excellent job buying my house; I called on a Monday and settled on that Thursday. They understood my immediate need to sell my property and made every effort to accommodate me. They even paid closing costs they didn’t have to just to get the deal done. I would not hesitate to use them again. Every person I spoke with in the Springfield, VA office was helpful and courteous. It is a great organization for people who need fast results. Thanks.”

L. Nutter, Woodbridge, VA

Express Homebuyers was the First Company I Truly Felt Comfortable With

“Dear Express Homebuyers: I want to sincerely thank you for making the process of selling my home a pleasant one. I had talked and met with several other investors and companies about selling my home before I spoke with you. You were the first company that I truly felt comfortable with and that I could trust. You did everything you said you would do and you patiently explained the entire process to me several times. I appreciate your honesty and professionalism. I would recommend you to anyone selling their home!”

Jacqui M., Reston, Virginia

My Inherited House Needed Work

“My mom died and she left a house that needed a lot of work. I didn’t have any money none of my brothers and sisters had any money to put in it. All I did was go in, they wrote me a check, and that was it. I was amazed how easy they made the process. They did everything they promised. I would highly recommend them.”

J. Edwards, Washington DC

We Could Have Saved Time and Money Had We First Called Express Homebuyers

“I was impressed with Mr. Tom Parmentier from my first contact with him. Tom was very professional, knowledgeable, and personable. When I explained my personal situation and the urgency of it, he expressed his concern for my situation and acted accordingly. Prior to calling Express Homebuyers, we spent lots of time and money getting the house ready for sale and hauling away unwanted items. Tom explained that had we called Express Homebuyers, they would have taken care of the costs of that. On the very same day we called, he scheduled an appointment for me to meet with a contractor to do an assessment of the home. That very afternoon, he contacted me via telephone with an offer. Later that evening he sent me an email regarding certain information that was needed and offered to request the information for me in order to expedite it for me. The very next day he met me and my husband at our home to ratify the contract. He also explained that he would try to close the deal “by the end of next week” (which would be 7 days). I asked if he could do it sooner it would be appreciated. Four days later I received a call from Tom to schedule a settlement date. We settled and the money was in our bank account the very next day. Tom not only met but exceeded our expectations. He is definitely an asset to your company. I will recommend Tom Parmentier and Express Homebuyers to everyone I know who wants or needs to sell their home.”

V.A. Wellington, Fort Washington, MD

Express Homebuyers Bought My Friends Home and Saved Their Family

“As a realtor, I was trying to help a friend out who was in financial trouble and needed to sell her home quickly – she was five days away from her family of six being homeless. I called Express Homebuyers and told them my friend had to sell her house in 6 days. They came out the very same day and walked my friend through the necessary paperwork and how the process worked. Six days later they bought the house without a hitch! A few weeks later, not expecting it, I received a check in the mail from Express Homebuyers from my referral. I have since called Express Homebuyers with several other property leads.”

Michele H., Centerville, Virginia

Express Homebuyers Bought My House Fast After a Family Member Passed

“My husband passed away and our house had been on the market for months without an offer. I was tired of waiting for it to sell and wanted to get on with my life and spend time with my family. Thankfully my daughter saw an ad on TV for Express Homebuyers. We called Matt and spent a few minutes answering his questions. They gave me an offer right over the phone. Our experience with them was good – Matt and Express Homebuyers did everything they promised and bought my house hassle-free in just two weeks. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing to sell their house.”

S.E Fort, Bowie, Maryland

Express Homebuyers’ Contract Was More Professional and Sound

“I initially had my home listed with a Realtor. He said he would show the home to three of his friends who were interested buyers. None of the three buyers gave me an offer that I thought was fair. I went online and contacted three companies, one being Express Homebuyers. One company didn’t call me back and the other one presented us an offer. After having our attorney carefully review both contracts, he let us know that Express Homebuyers’ contract was more professional and sound. Additionally, my wife and I felt more comfortable dealing with Matt. Our experience was enjoyable and stress free. Everyone I dealt with at Express Homebuyers was pleasant and friendly. I’ve seen Express Homebuyers’ commercials for years. I decided to work with Express Homebuyers because of their reputation – I felt they were trustworthy, honest and reliable. I would highly recommend Express Homebuyers to anyone who needs to sell their house.”

N. Feinberg, Springfield, VA

Express Homebuyers Took Care of Everything

“I’ve seen Express Homebuyers commercials on TV for years, so when I needed to sell my home fast I knew who to call. The experience was great. Express Homebuyers took care of everything – inspections, trash removal, cleaning, and no multiple trips to my house. They bought my house in days for a fair price. They made things extremely convenient for me – they even came to my office to complete the settlement process. I would highly recommend Express Homebuyers to anyone needing to sell their house fast.”

P. Larson, Falls Church, Virginia Seller

Real estate agents want you to fix up everything and they can take a long time. And I really wanted the process to be done quickly. I was fortunate Express Homebuyers bought my home “as is” and there was no stress on my end. I learned selling your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare.”

Hazel Middleton

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