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What is a Condemned House? What Sellers Need to Know

Do you own a home that has been recently condemned, and are you struggling to fix or get rid of it? Home condemnation occurs more often than you think, and we’ve seen homes in near perfect condition condemned because of one or more housing code violations. Fortunately, you do have the option to either repair […]

Express Homebuyers Wins Court Decision Canceling the Trademarks “We Buy Houses” and “”

Eastern District of Virginia Strikes Down Trademarks For“We Buy Houses” and “” In a thorough and well-reasoned decision, U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis, III of the Eastern District of Virginia, concluded that the trademarks “We Buy Houses” and “” are generic and should be canceled.  The court found that the phrase “we buy houses” has […]

“We Buy Houses For Cash” Signs Are Everywhere, But Are They Legitimate?

Can You Trust Companies? You’re driving down the road and you get lost in overwhelming thoughts about your never-ending responsibilities. The devastating reality of drowning in bills and debt is sinking in. You realize how quickly your available cash is dwindling when a sign that reads “We Buy Houses For Cash” catches your eye. This […]

4 Major Problems: Selling a Hoarder House On The Market.

Trying to sell a house on the market is never an easy task. And if you’re selling a hoarder house…well it can be nearly impossible. People will naturally compare your hoarder house to other houses on the market. And unfortunately, many homes sold on the market are spotless, renovated, updated and have multiple professional photos. […]

Top 5 Home Repairs Before Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you want to do home repairs before selling your home, you’ll need to choose which projects you need to do and which ones are most cost effective. This sounds easy enough right?  This is the biggest mistake most people make before taking their home to market. Updates to areas of your home, such as […]

“My House Needs Work” – How to Sell a House with Massive Repairs

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably worried about selling your house which is in need of serious repairs. It could be that your house is outdated, unsafe, nonfunctional, too expensive to keep or all the above. Whatever the case, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by dollar signs. Renovations are time-consuming and expensive, and if […]

Inheriting a House and the Taxes You Need to Know About.

You just inherited a house, and you’re deciding to either sell the house or move into the place. Well, before you decide anything, you should hear about all the taxes that you might have to pay. Depending on your state, this could mean inheritance tax, and possibly capital gains tax. But don’t worry, knowing what to expect is […]

What To Do When You Inherit a House – Complete Guide to Selling Fast

Inheriting a home in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia can be both a wonderful gift and a challenging burden.  If you inherited a home, you most likely just lost a loved one. Working your way through the intricacies of probate procedures, federal tax, state tax, and more while dealing with the loss of […]

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