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Selling a House Where
Massive Repairs Are Needed

It’s Not Hard to Sell a House that Needs Massive Repairs with Express HomeBuyers

Think it’s impossible to sell a house that’s in disrepair? Or a house that is ugly? It’s not! Many homeowners own a house that needs extensive renovation but don’t have the time or money to deal with it. Often times when you calculate the cost that goes into repairs and everything it takes to get the house on the market and sell, the profit margins don’t make sense. What if you could sell your house fast, in just days, no matter what condition it is in. We buy houses in disrepair nationwide.

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Selling a House that Needs Massive Repairs is Easier Than You Think

Every year, we buy houses that need major repairs and cleaning. The cost to renovate a house in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or Miami is staggering. Some of these homes need $50,000 to $100,000 in renovations to even make them marketable.

Selling real estate shouldn’t be this hard. We’ve found a way for homeowners to move on. You get that disastrous burden off your back and get cash fast.

New Roof $10,000
Updated Kitchen $15,000
Updated Baths (avg. of 3 baths) $15,000
Paint Exterior $10,000
Paint Interior $5,000
New Heating and Air System $10,000
New Carpet and/or Repair/Refinish Hard Wood Floors $7,500
Misc $10,000
Total $82,000

We Buy Houses in Disrepair

Since 2003, Express Homebuyers has bought over 2,200 houses, many of them were in disrepair, just like yours. If your house needs tens of thousands in repair work, we can help. Nearly every one of them was surprised and relieved when they found out there was a company with our reputation that had an easy plan that would guide them to the freedom the needed.

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It’s Hard To Sell a Damaged House in The Traditional Way

You name it, we’ve seen it. We’ve bought houses with extensive mold and termite damage. Houses from hoarders that didn’t know where to turn. It’s almost impossible to sell a hoarders house the traditional way because they can’t show it to prospective buyers. Or are too embarrassed to do so. We understand, and we’ve worked with many people in that situation and enabled them to sell their house fast. There’s no judgment, just a quick hassle-free solution.

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