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If you’re on this page, you inherited a home and are looking to sell your house fast. But how do you know what the house is worth, and how can you avoid excess fees? That’s where we come in.

We buy inherited houses for cash and can normally close within a few days. And because you are selling an inherited house directly to us, you’ll avoid expensive fees like real estate agent commissions and appraisal costs. And the condition of the property doesn’t matter.

We buy inherited houses in all conditions, and we give them the love and attention they deserve. So if you’re looking to sell a house you inherited, contact us using the form below to get your hassle-free and no-obligation quote today.

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Selling to Express Homebuyers

All-Cash Offer, No-Obligations

No listing, home staging, or showings

Avoid costly repair work & closing costs

Close On YOUR Timeline

Traditional Home Sale

Lengthy delays with buyers financing

Long real estate processes & multiple showings

Paying necessary repairs, fees, & commissions

Uncertain closing date

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much is an Inherited House Worth?

An inherited house is worth fair market value if the condition is good, less money if it needs repairs, and more money if property values or demand are rising and you can hold onto it longer.  To get a feel for how much an inherited house is worth, look up how much other similar houses have sold for in your neighborhood for recently.

Make sure to check the condition of the homes, amenities, size of livable and total space, as well as features like a pool or an updated kitchen.  Each of these will impact the sales price and help you find out how much you can get when selling an inherited house.

Can I Live in an Inherited House?

Yes, you can live in an inherited house if you are the only person that inherited the home, or if all of the heirs agree to let you live in it.  If there are multiple heirs and one of them does not want you living in the home, you’ll need to workout a legal agreement which will likely involve you paying them rent or buying their share of the property.

Can I sell an inherited house?

Yes, you can sell an inherited house if you are the sole heir, or you and the other heirs agree to list it.  And you have options for how to sell an inherited house.

  • Through a real estate agent where you’ll have to pay commissions.
  • Direct to a “we buy houses” company like ours.
  • As a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) where you’ll be responsible for doing the marketing and paperwork on your own.

If you’re looking to sell your inherited house fast, call us at (877) 804-5252 and we’ll get you a hassle-free quote.

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