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Sell Your House Fast. Start Your Own Economic Stimulus Package

We don’t know what your current personal financial situation is. Nor the condition of your house. Here’s something to think about.

Chances Are You’re Reading This For One of Three or Four Good Reasons.

First, you may have fallen on hard times. If anything, the current economy has taken any shame out of this position. There are few of us who aren’t affected to a greater or lesser degree. Second, your house may be in a condition in which you can’t sell it unless you spend lots of money fixing it up – money you don’t have. Third, you may have inherited a house through a family event like a death or retirement. Finally, your house might be close to foreclosure, and you simply don’t know what to do next.

Here’s a Simple, Winning Strategy – Sell Your House Now. Then, Buy Another You Can Afford!

It is really that simple. If your situation is such that you need to get out of your present personal economic crisis, then stop trying to make the huge profit on your house you think you deserve. In any one of the four situations described above, you probably can’t.

But you can profit.

Many real estate investment companies (like ours) are in a position to buy your house outright very quickly. As part of the purchase plan, you will be required to pay off all the debt and difficulty associated with the property. But when you do, you will be free and clear of the house and its troubles when the dust settles.

Now, here’s what to do with the cash you have left.

Simple. Buy a House You Can Afford!

Take the proceeds from your selling off of your personal asset – your house – and use it as a down payment for a house you can afford. Now.

Interest rates are low, houses are at their lowest prices in years, and you are now free and clear of all the financial mess that got you here in the first place. What’s to stop you from buying a new house, and a new start?

Look for the Best Value You Can Find.

For us at Express Homebuyers, this is the fun part.

Our business is buying your previous house, and selling you another, similar home that we have fully renovated. Lots of the folks whose houses we buy turn around and buy one’s we have already remodeled. With new gourmet kitchens, granite counter tops, ceramic floors, and completely reconditioned bathrooms and bedrooms, our houses represent one of the best values on the home marketplace today. We buy houses in Prince Georges County, Montgomery County, Washington DC and Virginia.

We close on them pretty quickly, too – usually in under 30 days.

So, one month from today, you could be walking into a newly remodeled home instead of worrying about the one you’re in. And as a personal economic stimulus package, we think that’s pretty neat.

So, need to sell your house fast? Sell it now and improve your overall financial position. We buy houses like yours every day.

Crucial Questions

Make sure you're dealing with a reputable company that keeps their word, so you don't end up in a lose-lose situation.

If somone cannot answer yes to all of these questions, how can you trust them to do what they say?

Work with Express Homebuyers and you'll have both Peace of Mind and Cash In Your Pockets.

  • Do they have proof of $$ in the bank that shows they are making an honest offer?
  • Do they have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have video testimonials from actual customers that they can show you?
  • Will they provide up to a $10,000 cash advance to help with expenses when moving?
  • Do they have a physical office and staff to help you through the entire process, or are they just working out of their car?

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