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22 Tips to Sell your House Fast! Part 3

This is the third post in a four blog series. Find pointers 11-16 in this blog. For more tips & ideas, visit Part 1, Part 2 & Part 4.

Imagine visiting a house with a very beautiful colonial exterior. You step in and it looks more like a fraternity home on campus! How would you react?

Surprises are always welcome, but if not done tastefully it can put people off from the get-go.

You’ve put on your charm and worked hard to make your home’s exterior look picture perfect! It’s time to take it to the next step. Create a little story or theme that flows from outside to the walls within. Here are some helpful hints that you could consider while staging your home to sell.


11. Packing: Put away everything that you don’t use regularly. To that list add personal mementos, collector’s items and souvenirs. If it distinctly reveals your personality, it’s time to tuck it away in the storage.

12. Interior: Some people recommend leaving the house empty so that people can imagine their own lives in those open spaces. Don’t spend too much money. Make it as minimalistic as possible. Invariably, people would want to bring furniture and pieces that compliment their own style.
However, you could also decorate some areas – like the living room or master bedroom. If you want a few useful tips for staging a home, visit our website for more ideas.

13. Flooring: Whether carpet or wood, make sure you observe the condition of your floors. Look for evenness in color tone and texture. Shampoo or apply wax if needed to make the floor look clean.

14. Painting: Chipped, faded walls could devalue your home. A couple coats of fresh paint will do wonders to a living space! Avoid dark shades; they tend to make the room look smaller. If you want to add color, look at using neutral shades with one accented wall. Also, pay special attention to the ceilings. A nice white ceiling can make your space look a lot bigger.

15. Cleaning Areas: You don’t want anyone thinking ‘you missed a spot.’ People often forget to clean underneath furniture, behind household appliances, ceiling fan blades, light fixtures, and the skirting around walls. Double check to make sure yours are dusted, scrubbed, brushed, washed, or vacuumed as needed.

16. Lights & Windows: Take a second glance at fixtures, bulbs, and window dressings. Uniformity is key! Look for bright bulbs and replace all with the same kind. If a room has more than one window, it’s nicer to use the same window treatments everywhere. If people come in during the day, keep window treatments open to bring in natural light and make the room feel more airy. If it’s later in the day, put all the lights on to brighten up your space.

Well you could do it all yourself. But if you still think you need a faster way to sell your house, we might be able to help you. In the past five years, Express Homebuyers has sold over 800 homes within the DC metro area. We are ready to assist you. If we can’t sell your house in 60 days, we guarantee to buy it from you, no matter what the condition.

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This series will be continued. For more tips to sell your house fast, continue to read our blogs.

If you have any tips or suggestions that you’d like to share, please feel free to comment on this blog post.

About Brad Chandler

About Brad Chandler

Brad Chandler has played a pivotal role at Express Homebuyers since co-founding the company in 2003, transforming it into a customer-focused real estate firm. With a passion for real estate sparked in the 9th grade, Brad, as CEO, steers the company with strong ethical principles and takes pride in cultivating a dedicated team of professional homebuyers.

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