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Should You Paint Walls White Before Selling Your House?

You’ve heard a lot about the trend in the DC metro area of painting walls gray when you want to sell your house fast. It’s a color that provides you with a lot of flexibility. It can give a room an aura of elegance or make the setting feel informal and relaxed.

But recently I was asked how home sellers can make all white walls work for them. Should you paint walls white before selling your house? The truth is, I love all white walls in a home! This look gives rooms a certain amount of airy-lightness that no other color can and gives the occupants a completely blank canvas on which to decorate.  Choosing white walls does not mean your home will lack color; it only means your color will come from your accents.

paint walls white before selling your house

Add Accent Colors

To create a custom designer look, choose one accent color and sprinkle it throughout the entire room. Use this color in the room’s rug, throw pillows, art and décor (such as vases, bowls and flowers). To add more dimension, use two different tones of the same color.

Blue Green Living Room

If you have rooms that are connected, such as a living room and dining room, keep the same accent color flowing through each room.

If you have rooms that are not connected, and you want to switch color palettes in the other room, pick a color that is a secondary color in the first room. For example, if the main accent color in one room is blue and you have a rug that is mostly blue but with specs of green, perhaps you pick up and use that same green color as the main color in your second room.

Using a Monochromatic Scheme

Some people prefer a monochromatic scheme, which tends to have a very calming effect. When rooms have white walls, I like using creams and beiges mixed with tons of texture to create visual interest and depth.

You can never really go wrong with white walls. The only way white walls go wrong is if the furnishings, rugs, art and décor are used out of balance or if they introduce too many opposing or clashing colors to the room.

Many Shades of White

Keep in mind, there are thousands of shades of white and whites can be warm or cool. My favorites are Behr Off White, which is a warm and beigey color; Behr White Wool, which is a creamy white; and Behr Angel Feather, which is a grayish white.

paint walls white before selling your house

Not sure which shade works the best for your space? It’s always a good idea to test paint colors with samples. Simply apply paint to small sections of the walls (most professionals recommend a 2 foot by 2 foot section) to see how the color looks in the actual environment. This practice gives you the most accurate sense of how a color will actually look in your room under different lighting conditions throughout the day.

Just because your walls are “white” doesn’t mean they are bland. Go ahead and be bold enough to paint your walls in a daring white!

Tracy Kay Griffin is a member of Express Homebuyers Design Team. She was the Series Designer for HGTV’s “Get It Sold,” a Guest Designer for HGTV’s “My First Place” and the Lead Stager for Washington DC’s premier staging company, Red House Staging & Interiors.

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