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We Buy Houses – A Scam?

You Need To Know You’re Dealing With A Reputable Business when selling your home fast.

We Buy Houses – is this a scam? “We Buy Houses” is an often used marketing terms that investors and home buying companies use to get you to call them. You will often see We Buy Houses signs on telephone poles and medians throughout Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous investors out there that will take advantage of people. For example, listen to Al’s shocking story:

AL M. testimonial

If you need to sell your house fast and you see a We Buy Houses sign, ask yourself is this “We Buy Houses” concept a scam? If you select a reputable company you can insure that they will buy your house in 7 days. If you need to sell your house fast in Washington DC and choose a We Buy Houses company, you need to make sure they meet the following criteria. Can you trust that Express Homebuyers is trustworthy? Yes! Watch and read our numerous customer testimonials, like this one:

Hazel testimonial

Express Homebuyers has been a We Buy Houses company since 2003, helping over 2,500 home owners in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland by buying their homes fast.

How Can You Differentiate Between Buyers
and We Buy Houses Scams?

When it comes to selecting a buyer for your house, most people want to choose the buyer who presents the highest offer. You may think that because they are the highest bidder that they are reliable and have the resources available to get the transaction done. But this isn’t always true. There are many sellers out there that thought they had found the ideal buyer for their home, but when the settlement date approached the buyer called to back out. This caused them to spend money on marketing their house for a longer period of time and in some cases, they had to continue maintaining a vacant property that they could no longer afford. We don’t want you to experience potential problems caused by we buy houses scams. We want you to know what to look for when selecting one.

1. Has the buyer told you where their offices are located?
Set up an appointment to meet them at their office. Make sure that they have a permanent office where you can reach them at anytime.
2. Do they have a staff?
If they are a well-established company, they will have experienced staff that will be able to guide you through the selling process and will be available to answer all your questions.
3. How will they finance the purchase?
A reliable company will have an available line of credit to buy your house. Ask them for proof. Even more, ask them for a deposit of $5,000. If they are serious about buying your house, they will provide it.
4. What professional organizations is the company a member of?

Is the company a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business? Call the Better Business Bureau at 202-393-8000 or look for the company information at the BBB website Calling the BBB will help you determine if the company is reliable.

5. Have you read the contract carefully?

Take your time. Selling your property is one of the most important decisions in your life. Don’t let the buyer pressure you. If you need more time to go over the contract, demand it. Look for the weasel clauses that are the big “outs” that nobody sees. These “outs” allow shady buyers to back out of the contract up until the last moment.

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A Sure Sign of a Reputable Business
is Widespread Recognition

Express Homebuyers has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and you can read about us in the Washington Times! In fact, Express Homebuyers has also been featured in the following news outlets:

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Don’t be fooled by We Buy Houses Scam! Express Homebuyers is the best home buying business in the tri-state area of Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. If you want to sell your house in as little as 7 days, then look no further. Express Homebuyers will make a fast and fair offer over the phone in just minutes and on your schedule to buy your house fast. Call Express Homebuyers now at (877) 804-5252 for an offer in 7 minutes.

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“We Buy Houses” scams.

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