When You Want to Sell Your House Fast, Elevate the Look of Your Home

You’ll shouldn’t be surprised to learn that most professional stagers live in homes that are free of clutter, in balance, well organized and aesthetically pleasing. When you want to achieve this same look because you want to sell your house fast, simply follow this basic staging recipe to elevate the appeal.


Anyone can use these techniques in their own home. My biggest trick is quarterly purging to get rid of all the items that we no longer use.  I find this most helpful with clothing and toys, but books and electronics are targets as well.

For the items we do keep around, we keep them organized. Baskets are my saving grace. Baskets are great for keeping my husband’s electronic toys and magazines in order, along with kids’ socks, toys and dog items. You can’t necessarily change a person’s habits by asking her to put things away in a special place. But if you throw down a basket where that person naturally drops her things, then you have an instant catch-all way of keeping your home free of clutter.

Sell your house fast by Elevating the Look of Your Home

I also love vertical shelves for storing items. When possible, put doors on the shelves so items are completely out of sight. Additionally, make your furniture serve double duty and provide some type of storage. A few great examples include a coffee table with built-in storage for throw blankets or games, a chest of drawers used as a foyer table that stores all sorts of electronic manuals, or sofa end tables with drawers for TV remotes, charging cords and drink coasters. Choose furniture based on its capacity to keep each room clutter free.

Furniture Placement

Bring balance to rooms with proper furniture placement. You want to allow for an easy path throughout the room as well as an easy path to get from room to room. Don’t try to cram too much furniture in any one room. When possible, float furniture in the room instead of having it all line the walls.  Give each room only one purpose. For example, keep your dining room as a dining room and don’t make it double as your home office.


Keep in mind light is one of the most important factors in our lives and in our homes. Maximize the amount of natural light your home receives. Always place window treatments outside the window, so they never cut off any natural light coming in.

A fun trick to make windows look larger is to hang the hardware as high up and as far wide as possible, while keeping all windows dressings on the same wall, equal in height and width. (see picture below) The curtain panels will hang outside the window, giving the illusion of a larger window and allowing more natural light into the room.

Sell your house fast by Elevating the Look of Your Home

You can use large mirrors to bounce light around and make each room look and feel larger than it actually is too. You’ll now find mirrors as pieces of art, coming in all different shapes, sizes and forms.

When you need artificial light, work in layers of varying heights. Ceiling lamps, table lamps and floor lamps should give you the light that you need. Light fixtures are also art.  Buy the gorgeous ones, not just the functional ones. They’ll bring an extra element of pizazz to your room and your home and entice buyers when you’re looking to sell your house fast.

Focal Points

Stagers fully understand the importance of a focal point and make sure each room has one. They anchor all of the room’s furnishings and artwork around that particular focal point. If a room doesn’t have a natural focal point, such as a fireplace or a large window, stand in the doorway, look into the room and see where your eyes naturally fall. This spot is most likely the focal point. Now add a large piece of art there and arrange the rest of the room around it.

For living and family rooms, your focal point can be a fireplace, a large window or a piece of art over the sofa. For dining rooms, the focal point is generally the dining table with an eye-catching centerpiece with a server and art piece centered behind it. In bedrooms, the bed with a headboard serve as the focal point.


Art is a great way to bring visual impact, focus, balance and color into a room. Art doesn’t need to be expensive. Oftentimes you can make a grand visual impact with one large piece or by clustering several items together to create one large piece. This is easiest to create with a cluster of family photos and cool frames. Art can also come in the form of tapestries or framed decorative paper. I’ve displayed all kinds of sports equipment on walls, as well as bowls, masks, hats, maps, wooden place mats, even bamboo table runners. You can use large candleholders or fabulous vases that hold plants or flowers.

Sell your house fast by Elevating the Look of Your Home


Walls and large furniture pieces tend to stay neutral while color is evenly spread throughout each room through the art, rugs, pillows and décor used. This simple trick of scattering the same color evenly around the room will give it a designer’s look. (see picture above) Keep the flow of colors the same throughout adjoining rooms. For example, if your foyer is blue and green with a touch of yellow, you can make your adjoining living room blue and yellow with a touch of green. The prominent color of blue stays the same in both rooms. When we want to sell your house fast, we keep colors light and minimal by using the same two accent colors throughout the entire house. However, we bend these rules a bit when decorating our own homes in order to honor our personal preferences.

Elevate the Appeal

Finally, you can heighten the overall appeal of a home through the use and placement of décor. Bring in beauty by adding décor to as many areas as possible without over doing it. Larger pieces make a greater impact. When you need more than one piece, work in odd numbers and varying heights within the same color family around the room.

Give all your beds an easy-to-live-with clean look by using pillow shams that match your comforter and pillowcases on your sleep pillows that match your sheets. In the bathrooms, replace your towels as needed. I find 3M hooks quite helpful, especially on the back of bedroom doors and in the bathroom.

When you want to sell your house fast, elevating its appeal is often simply a matter of implementing these recommendations. Your own personality will shine through with the individual items you choose to use and your home will show beautifully.

Tracy Kay Griffin is a member of Express Homebuyers Design Team. She was the Series Designer for HGTV’s “Get It Sold,” a Guest Designer for HGTV’s ” My First Place” and the Lead Stager for Washington DC’s premier staging company, Red House Staging & Interiors.

If your home needs more than these cosmetic elevations – maybe some costly renovations or upgrades – call Express Homebuyers at (877) 804-5252 today for your for your no-obligation cash offer.

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