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Prince George’s County

Selling a home can be stressful, especially when you need to do it quickly. Whether you’re facing foreclosure, dealing with an inherited property, or simply need to relocate, we understand the urgency and emotional toll it can take on you. At Express Homebuyers, we are here to make this process smooth and seamless so you can move forward without carrying the weight of this house on your back.

With over 20 years of experience, Express Homebuyers has helped over 5,000 homeowners in Prince George’s County and beyond. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the right solution for your situation.

The Hassle-Free Way to Sell Your House

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Enter the address of the house you want to sell or call us at 877-804-5252 for a no-obligation, risk-free cash offer.

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Step 3: Accept Your Offer

If you agree with the offer, all you need to do is accept it and then choose a closing date that works best for you.

Why Sell Your House in Prince George’s County to Us?

Choosing Express Homebuyers to sell your house means partnering with a team that prioritizes transparency and personalized solutions. We take the time to understand your unique circumstances and work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs and timeline. Whether you’re dealing with a possible foreclosure, probate, costly repairs, or any other challenging situation, we can help.

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Our track record of working with thousands of homeowners in Prince George’s County and beyond speaks to our ability to handle even the most complicated situations.

Unlike traditional real estate methods, we provide a straightforward process without the hassle of open houses, costly repairs, intrusive showings, and hidden fees. Additionally, our local knowledge and extensive experience within Prince George’s County allow us to offer you a competitive and fair cash offer for your house with no strings attached.

Call us today at 877-804-5252 to learn how we can help you sell your house fast in Prince George’s County.

How Do We Compare to Selling with a Traditional Real Estate Agent?

  • No lengthy bank approvals
  • No appraisals
  • No home repairs

Traditional Home Sales


Average Commission Fee

An average of 43 days spent
to complete a mortgage loan transaction

home showings

You'll host anywhere from 2 to 35 home showings before you find a buyer.
That means baking a lot of
"open-house" cookies.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Sellers spend between $5,400 and $50,000 on average to prepare their home for listing.

Express Homebuyers


Average Commission Fee

With us on your team, you'll close on your property on your timeline - typically days, not months.

home inspection

The Express Homebuyers team will carry out a single soft inspection of your home as is. Baking cookies for an open house won't be needed — but we wouldn't say no if offered.

Closing Fees Paid by the Seller


Spend $0 on renovating or refreshing your home. We buy as is.

Where Do We Buy Houses in Prince George’s County?

  • Accokeek: A serene community known for its picturesque views of the Potomac River and proximity to Piscataway Park, offering a peaceful suburban lifestyle with ample green spaces.
  • Adelphi: Home to the historic Adelphi Mill and close to the University of Maryland, Adelphi blends suburban tranquility with educational and cultural opportunities.
  • Beltsville: Featuring the expansive Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, this town offers a blend of residential areas and scientific research facilities, providing a unique community atmosphere.
  • Berwyn Heights: A small, close-knit town adjacent to College Park, known for its strong community spirit and well-maintained parks, ideal for families and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Bladensburg: Rich in history from the War of 1812, Bladensburg is now a vibrant town with waterfront parks along the Anacostia River, offering recreational activities and historical sites.
  • Bowie: As one of the largest cities in Maryland, Bowie combines suburban living with extensive amenities, including shopping centers, parks, and a strong sense of community.
  • Brandywine: A rapidly growing area known for its new housing developments and easy access to major highways, making it a convenient location for commuters to Washington, D.C.
  • Calverton: This residential community offers a suburban feel with easy access to major routes like I-95 and the ICC, providing a quiet retreat with urban conveniences nearby.
  • Camp Springs: Located near Joint Base Andrews, Camp Springs offers a mix of military and civilian communities with various amenities and parks for recreation.
  • Capitol Heights: Adjacent to Washington, D.C., Capitol Heights provides urban living with easy access to the metro and major city amenities, making it ideal for city commuters.
  • Cheverly: Known for its strong community associations and family-friendly environment, Cheverly features charming homes, tree-lined streets, and a focus on local engagement.
  • Chillum: A diverse and densely populated area, Chillum offers a mix of residential, commercial, and retail spaces with convenient access to public transportation.
  • Clinton: A suburban community with historical significance, Clinton offers a mix of residential neighborhoods and the Surratt House Museum, a key Civil War site.
  • College Park: Home to the University of Maryland, College Park is a bustling college town with a vibrant atmosphere, diverse dining options, and numerous cultural events.
  • Colmar Manor: This small town offers a quiet residential setting with a rich history and proximity to the scenic Bladensburg Waterfront Park along the Anacostia River.
  • Cottage City: A historic town with a small-community feel, Cottage City provides a peaceful residential environment with easy access to urban amenities in nearby areas.
  • District Heights: A suburban area known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, District Heights offers parks, schools, and a strong sense of community just outside Washington, D.C.
  • Edmonston: A small town known for its commitment to environmental sustainability, Edmonston features eco-friendly initiatives and a close-knit community atmosphere.
  • Fairmount Heights: Rich in African American history, Fairmount Heights is a culturally significant town with a strong sense of heritage and community pride.
  • Forest Heights: Located near the Potomac River, Forest Heights offers scenic views, residential neighborhoods, and easy access to the National Harbor and D.C. 
  • Forestville: A suburban community with a mix of residential areas and commercial establishments, Forestville provides convenient living with access to shopping and dining options. 
  • Fort Washington: Known for its historic fort and waterfront parks, Fort Washington offers a blend of historical charm and modern suburban living along the Potomac River.
  • Glenarden: A vibrant community with recent developments, Glenarden offers modern amenities, shopping centers, and a growing residential area with a family-friendly environment.
  • Glenn Dale: A suburban town with a rural feel, Glenn Dale features spacious homes, open green spaces, and the historic Glenn Dale Hospital site.
  • Greenbelt: A planned community with a rich history, Greenbelt offers a unique mix of cooperative living, green spaces, and a strong sense of community.
  • Hyattsville: Known for its arts district and vibrant downtown area, Hyattsville offers a mix of historic charm, cultural attractions, and modern amenities.
  • Landover Hills: A small, quiet town with residential neighborhoods and easy access to major roads, Landover Hills provides a peaceful living environment close to urban centers.
  • Langley Park: A diverse and bustling community, Langley Park offers a mix of residential and commercial areas with a strong multicultural presence and convenient public transportation.
  • Laurel: A historic city with a mix of suburban and urban features, Laurel offers a variety of amenities, parks, and a vibrant downtown area with a small-town feel.
  • Marlow Heights: Known for its shopping centers and proximity to major highways, Marlow Heights provides a convenient living environment with easy access to urban amenities.
  • Mitchellville: A suburban community with upscale homes and a family-friendly atmosphere, Mitchellville offers a quiet retreat with convenient access to major routes. 
  • Morningside: A small town adjacent to Joint Base Andrews, Morningside offers a close-knit community with a strong military presence and residential neighborhoods.
  • Mount Rainier: An artistic and eclectic community, Mount Rainier features a vibrant arts scene, historic homes, and a strong sense of local culture and engagement.
  • New Carrollton: A commuter-friendly town with a major metro station, New Carrollton offers convenient access to Washington, D.C., and a variety of residential options. 
  • North Brentwood: A historic African American community, North Brentwood prides itself on its cultural heritage, strong community ties, and rich history.
  • Oxon Hill: Located near National Harbor, Oxon Hill offers a mix of residential areas, shopping, dining, and entertainment options with scenic views of the Potomac River.
  • Riverdale Park: A historic town with a charming main street, Riverdale Park offers a blend of old and new with residential neighborhoods, parks, and local businesses.
  • Seat Pleasant: Known as a “City of Excellence,” Seat Pleasant offers a close-knit community with modern amenities, parks, and a focus on improving residents’ quality of life.
  • University Park: A residential community adjacent to the University of Maryland, University Park offers a quiet, family-friendly environment with easy access to college town amenities.
  • Upper Marlboro: The county seat of Prince George’s County, Upper Marlboro offers historical sites, government buildings, and a blend of suburban and rural living.

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